About BB design

From BB1 to BB2, I really noticed how the team is making us learn the different tactical options.

In BB1 you wouldn’t stand a chance if you didn’t go for the crates,as the extra ammunition was invaluable to getting the queen down. If anyone managed to win the mission without opening any crate, well, all the power to them! In BB2, the armadillo is everything to the mission. The explosives don’t get along with the queen’s new armored shell, and only the ramming ability stands a chance. I’m curious to see how the queen can evolve to deal with that. Will she get the ability to fly? To burrow underground? To spawn so many minions that the player will have to deal with them first, before getting to her second?

Good things about BB2:

  • my soldiers have gained considerable accuracy: in BB1, even the sniper would miss many shots, and that wouldn’t happen to the enemy, even when returning fire;
  • there was a considerable optimization to the code engine, as the first BB1 would kind of chug my system, but BB2 runs much so smoothly;

Things to consider:

  • when you play a random map and seven to eight enemies spawn in the map on their FIRST turn! I get this to be a suicidal mission, but c’mon!
  • when you have seven to eight enemies returning fire, and two to three soldiers returning fire, and one to two turrets returning fire, the camera’s pan and zoom to an action perspective gets kind of boring. Really hoping for an option to turn off the action camera;
  • as it stands, the technician is so overwpowered. He can shoot, double shoot, deploy turrets, self-heal, heal, tech heal, melee & stun, throw explosives, move the farthest;
  • with all that, what’s poor assault class doing? There’s nothing he brings to the table. He shoots and throws explosives. Poor guy.
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I don’t suppose there was any change here.

technician is supposed to be better than others - premium class, but he don’t move further than sniper or assault (with the same equipment weight)
assault is supposed to be bad - basic class (but overall he is better in close range than sniper, and can chase/flank enemies better than heavy) :wink:

That can be, but I was hoping for some sort of distinc action, any other ability other than “well, is not SO BAD at doing this or that”. If the heavy is your guy for explosives and soaking up damage, and the sniper for long range actions, maybe the assault can avoid damage, or stealth? I think I read at some point there would be a class that can go all the mission without beeing unstealthed.

Infiltrator from Synedrion