Anything we can do to help?

Backer build is out for quite some time now and it seems some of the obvious bugs were found and the feedback was provided. But I wonder, if there is something more we can do with this build rather than just play around with it? Not that there is anything wrong with that but maybe we can do something to actually help? Not just “shake it and see what falls off” but maybe there is something specific that needs more testing? Like checking crabmen reaction to point blank attacks or map generation outcomes?

@UnstableVoltage, maybe you can ask the dev team to see if there’s something like that(or even something completely different) we can do to help?

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Seems like more of a question for @gamingmechanoid than myself. Keep in mind, there’s only so much we can do with public testing. Chances are that most of the issues in the Backer Build are already fixed in the development build. Further testing them in a dated Backer Build doesn’t serve a lot of purpose.

I suppose we can help spread the word. I’ve actually uploaded several videos of me playing Phoenix Point to Youtube, to help garner more buzz.

Fair enough. =) The only reason I asked is, it feels bad to just sit here and do nothing. I with I could do more to help.

That is not something everyone can do, unfortunately. If you only have like two and a half friends, none of whom are into gaming, there’s not much spreading you can do…

Having a job eliminates that issue. :wink:

@UnstableVoltage is right on the money here. Most of the issues are already fixed. In fact, some of the issues that got into the build were fixed but we didn’t commit them to the backer build in time.

I appreciate the gesture, tho. If we need help I will definitely let you guys know. Just enjoy the game :wink:


Nah, not really. It makes it worse, in a way, as I am stuck for the whole day doing meaningless crap and barely have time to check the forum.

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I had the same idea; I have a few videos on twitch, and I’ve been livestreaming once a week or so. I’ve started doing things like testing free-aim vs. auto-aim to see which has better results. Spoiler: so far it’s been free-aiming. Who knows what will change on the next build though?

Is there a thread for us to post links to our videos? Or is that simply going to flood the board?

I posted a link to my twitch page on the PP Reddit (and got one new follower, lol) but I don’t think I’d post my individual videos unless it was requested of me, or people found them particularly interesting. So far I don’t have that heavy a following, so whoever happens upon them will see them. It may be a good idea to post a sticky thread either here or on Reddit for individual video links, but I feel like people who are interested in the game are the ones already watching. To get the info out there, maybe post a video on your facebook, or instagram if that’s what you kids are into now…