A request for Commander's Choice

Can I put in a request for Commander’s Choice when recruiting new Squaddies, please?

One of the things I found most irritating in XCOM was the random Class Allocation of new recruits. I know I’m a guerilla outfit, but if I feel I need a Sniper, I’m not going to recruit nothing but Heavies with my precious resources - especially if I’ve already got a handful of Heavies in my squads. So Commander’s Choice was one of the first and best mods I added to the game when it came available.

That said, I can totally get on board with randomly allocating the Class of any soldiers found in new bases. That makes sense, as they’re existing soldiers who have gotten used to their roles.

But when I’m trawling the Havens for Rookies (or however you imagine your recruiting drive to work), I’m going to be looking for promising new recruits who can fill the holes in my Squad, not taking any old Assault who comes along.

Since the Phoenix project only has access to faction specific classes after fulfilling some sort of diplomatic requirement (and maybe by special mission?), I imagine PP is going to provide a bit more control in squad development. I could be wrong, though.

There are no squadies per se, so no problem with that. But you will still get offered random class recruit, and you can take them or not.