Customisation of game - Menu options

I’ve said this a few times before in threads, but don’t know whether I ever did as it’s own topic. Anyway it’s on canny now:

What is/isn’t fun in a game is a subjective matter. We’re all trying to make the game be more what we consider a ‘fun’ game to be.

Someone considers training up level 1 soldiers in mission to be a grind, I find that one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game.
Someone likes playing missions with Level 7 superpowers, I’m the opposite there.
Someone else like to save scum, I don’t as I consider it cheating as I personally play the game.

The point is that we all have our individual preferences, and no one is right or wrong for having a personal taste. What I think Snapshot could do a whole lot more of is to provide options in game that allow individual elements to be selected as per our personal preference.

Possibility to recruit high level troops - on OR off.
Death means - death OR extended recovery in the sick bay
High level perks - on OR off.
Perk use in missions - unlimited OR once per turn.
Saves allowed in mission - on OR off.

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To which the question then is; rather than saying what you do or don’t like, what options would you like to be able to turn on or off?

  • flights to any point of the globe OR flights between POIs
  • base personnel VS no personnel replaced by AI
  • distinction in research/ manufaturing/ storage / healing queues per each base VS bending space reality
  • soldiers recovering wounds and equipment repaired between mission in base VS instant recovery and repair on dropship
  • many levels and long soldier progression VS quick progression of 7 not distinctive levels
  • LOS working as it should per each square VS working as currently in the game
  • and many more…

I am more concerned with how to implement this.
I see this in two tiers. Upper are ready-made templates. And the bottom one is a complete list of all options divided into categories.

I just wanted to bounce this as I think it’s one of the most important things for an Xcom type game to do in order to satisfy as wider player-base as possible.

And I wanted to ask @pantolomin do you and the other people modding PP have a comprehensive list of options that you have created which players could choose between?

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This is not what we need, but it is a visually attractive option for me - scenario setup:

Yeah I know what you mean, it lets you feel that you’re going to be playing the game that you actually want to play :smiley:

Are you actually playing that? If so would you recommend? It’s quite high on my wishlist at the mo’

I was hooked by the input - scenario setup, but not the game itself. :upside_down_face: (I watched the review on YouTube)

Well I have tried to put as many options as possible in the mods I have made. But each one of them has a very narrow purpose.
I wouldn’t want an unmodded game to be like “linux” where everyone has the freedom of having his own beast.
I do work and program on ubuntu for a living. But too many options makes the whole thing a nightmare.

For instance, with COVID-19, some of my coworkers were able to make remote working straight away, when it took me 2 days. Just because, although we use the same OS, there is so much parameterization possible that the way I got it working is SOOOO different from the others.

To return on the subject, I have not listed any options that I would want in the game.
I really like how “Invisible Inc” has done their options and enable the mods to have their own “tab” (sort of)

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You get a like for mentioning “Inv Inc.” so I don’t have to.

Overall, I am a big fan of those customisable difficulty levels. However, a few things mentioned by OP and in comments go beyond asking for options, and into alternative system design. A better goal, I think would be to work toward mod support, though with how still in development game seems to be, it might take time, before we get into that stage - having mods break with every update is a frustrating experience.

I am big a fan of the Trese Brothers approach to this, as they use difficulty settings to allow for very different player experiences.

However, this is also true:

Personally, what I would like to see is limited/unlimited skill use, damage options (e.g. enemies deal - 20% damage) and permadeath on/off.

This way you can have a proper casual/learning experience with PP.


Personally, additionally to your 3 points, I would like to see:

  • DDA on / off or slider from pro player to pro panda, somethings like that (overwrites preset from global difficulty)
  • Recruits with / without equipment, maybe 3 options “without any” / “only armor” / “full equipped” (overwrites preset from global difficulty)
  • Earning Skillpoints “fixed” (like it is right now) / “flexible” (more for rookies, less for experienced per mission)
  • … endless list :wink:

Yes, that’s a good one, though I have read somewhere that the DDA is being reworked / might be done away with.

I think eventually PP will have access to free ‘raw’ recruits, so this won’t be an issue.

More than an option, this needs a rework. Right now it’s just not where it has to be. On the one hand, it makes veteran troops too powerful and too precious, on the other the “stables” recruits are too weak. What you and I suggested in the other thread (and what you suggest here as an option) is one possible solution.

I don’t know - is anyone really happy with the current system?

Not to go off topic, what I mean is that not everything is worthy of keeping as an option. (and perhaps I’m wrong and unaware that most players love the current character progression system)…

I am in total agreement with this. Currently, the initial units are too easily upgraded to full everything. While the recruits have no real chance of getting to anything other than basics after many, many missions. Another example of Snapshot tipping the scales too far in the opposite direction to address an issue expressed here and the Feedback Tool.

What do you think of stepless sliders … ?
+/- mobility in percent (the current state must be revised anyway)
+/- weapon range in percent
+/- damage in percent (so that one shoot kills are not so easy)

Now imagine creating a wiki. :smiley:

Probably no real issue, but maybe someone like to have not only raw recruits, instead also fully equipped from PP. So why not an option?

True, I also don’t think that any is happy with the current system, but again, who knows? Options are always great :wink:

Maybe I’m not happy, but it is better than previous system. :wink: