PP recuitment / fundamental flaw

One of the fundamental flaws many have pointed out is that you as PP cannot grow organically.

All the soldiers, except for the starting ones, are recruited from other factions.

Any hope they add a way for us to recruit separately from other factions, so that you can feel more ownership of the organization?

Add ways to recruit your own soldiers, maybe find heroes (PP members who went underground and have survived), something/anything to empower us as Phoenix to feel separate from the other factions.



Occasionally discovering a lone soldier might be nice, but there is an abundance of resources and soldiers on the whole planet. Expansion and discovery is very important as well as defending havens. This can be either from pandorans or other factions. But the logistics of managing it can be complex. I personally enjoy this situation in a post apocalyptic earth. It has forced me to think differently from other games of this genre which became at times at bit monotonous. I now have to balancing missions and resources including considering which bases I must defend more because they provide the best resources. Perhaps a little like with Firaxis XCOM 2, but with less discrete choices. With xcom 2 one always had to choose 1 out of 3. It was never fair - that was cheating. Now I have better options. I now look at the map studying key resources knowing it really counts - not like in other games where I’m more like an accountant. It’s a war, so I need to make important, good decisions!

Afterthought: This is what makes PP so brilliantly unique. The same as with the aiming system, it’s no long discrete (digital) instead analogue (graphically represented) with the odds of hitting. Now I make solid decisions without regrets if my shot misses. I really have had three 99% shots in missed in a row with xcom 2. That was ridiculous! Sorry for going a bit off theme here, but I feel that these concepts need mentioning. JG and Co. are trailblazers!

Regarding this question, was recruiting from independent havens originally planned and then dropped for some reason?

Something to bear in mind on this topic is that there is no longer a “general population” to recruit from, and while there may still be the occasional group of “stragglers” out there everyone else is in a haven somewhere. While there should be a way to passively recruit basic classes separate from the factions it’s not something that should ever be good/fast enough to outright replace it.

I agree that consideration should be given to the world state. But there are ways to weave this into the game. Characters you can come cross that join you for example is an easy to inject into gameplay. There are others that would not destabilize other faction recruitment.

Yeah, I like the random recruits we can come across I just wish the chance to find them was a good bit higher. I’ve come across exactly two since BB5 was released.

Something like an ambush mission where a friendly person just randomly showed up to help on turn 2 and then became a new recruit should they survive and evac with the team.

It also needs to reduce the cost of them dramatically! As is seems the game will not let you get by without killing your men, if you stop that it winds the AI up so far it takes to long to play and just gets ridiculously hard even on rookie! So if you build a game that gets off on taking out your men no matter what, then they need to be cheap to replace! I would not mind so much then, but I barely have enough to do the basics without adding the cost of recruitment to the mix, this game is just so F***** up right now!

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Heroes: to unlock/engage the Person or his companion - complete the challenge (kill 10 special Sirens)

The same way:
conditions for unlocking a heroic skill: (possibly matching attributes/level +) challenge
Expert Shooter - kill / finish 50 targets
Devoted - (WillPower 15) visit 10 “zones that increase the will”


Every single Haven has population count and there’s like over 10k in most of them. Does it mean, that in the face of extinction, it is so hard to find a guy that would like to know which way of the boomstick should he point at crablike creature? :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t care about Soldiers, I care about Recruits. :stuck_out_tongue:

About recruiting In my current game, I’m facing this problem: havens no longer train basic classes, only elite or berserker. It shouldn’t be a problem, because if I need an assault, I can always double-class an infiltrator or technician, but what if I want an assault/sniper?

Is this normal in the late game? Has anyone else encountered this situation?

Yes it’s normal and a pain, especially if you lose a heavy. I’ve taken to just recruiting infiltrators late game for everything.

This is a good reason to add recruiting to independent havens. They could become a critical source of base classes late game and provide a solid reason for protecting them.

Player should be able to train civilian recruits into basic classes right in PP Base. Could work like manufacture, take few days and some resources but output a ready to fight soldier. Would be best if could be done simultaneous in multiple bases, so we could provide steady stream of fresh recruits the more bases you have.

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