Poll: TBS Deathmatch - PP squad vs XCOM2 squad

Hopefully just a bit of a fun situation for you all to analyse:

Due to the emergence of a wormhole in the space/time/reality multiverse a squad of soldiers from XCOM2 find themselves in the world of Phoenix Point. There’s an argument over who’s got the shiniest armour and it all kicks off from there.

So the question is - which squad of soldier would emerge as the victors?

If anyone wants to see a list of XCOM solider type and abilities you can find them here https://twinfinite.net/2016/02/xcom-2-all-soldier-classes-and-abilities/4/

And there’s some info on PP perks here https://segmentnext.com/2019/12/07/phoenix-point-class-guide/

  • The Phoenix Point squad
  • The Xcom 2 squad

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It’s been a while I didn’t play Fira-XCom, so I couldn’t give any comment in details about it but I do remember at some point I felt boredom with the gameplay. It’s their skills system and the game mechanics, perhaps if Fira-XCom allowed player to do multi class system like PP have I would choose Fira-XCom since they have more variety of skills compared to PP. Long story short that time I was more enjoy playing Valkyria Chronicles and some other game as well, it’s RPG mixed TBS game and some ‘ok’ layer depth with the research stuff. Imho I think Fira-XCom released the game at the right time where not so much option of TBS genres being released :grin:.

Anyways, multi-class ‘combo’ skills + random additional attributes for me.

I’m not so much asking which game is your preference to play.

If you had a squad of soldiers from one game fighting a squad of solider from the other, which squad do you think would win the fight?

If this is happening in reality of PP mechanics then XCOM soldiers are screwed as their skills and accuracy doesn’t fit in here. :smiley: And if by some reason they would adapt then I suppose their 99% shots would still miss. :slight_smile:


Pretty hard comparison because both has different approach and treatment in the battle, it’s not apple to apple comparison but same genre.

Anyway I’ll try with smaller scope between PP Sniper Class vs. FiraXCom 2 Sharpshooter, I think PP win. Multi-class is so OP :grin:.

Depends on whether you allow the XCOM squad to disable Cooldowns.
As things currently stand, the PP Squad would blow all its WP on a series of massive Dash & Alpha-Strikes against the most dangerous XCOM Squaddies in Turn 1, then mop up the rest after.

Sorry, but at this point the X-Commers are still just way too cool to miss hanging out with them.

That’s a fair point. Do you think it would be a different result for the away match? (with XCOM mechanics being applied to PP soldiers).

It could be like that. Hard to guess. :smiley: I don’t want to make any calculations in this regard. :wink: