PoV for the Commander

It looks like in PP the rank progression is going to be different from the skill and standard level up.
Now I am thinking if it would be nice and possible to assign operatives as Base Commander and PP Commander.
Leadership skills will speed up or make more cheap base stuff. A bit like HoI4 general skills.
If I put as Base Commander someone with logistic skills will make engineering jobs cheaper, if someone with training skills will make class training sessions more effective, and so on. Moreover if the Commander is deployed with the squad for a mission all the squad will get some buffs cause “the chief is with us”, of course if he isn’t going to make it home all the base will get a debuff mourning the fallen Commander, so risk/reward.
Finally it hadn’t been stated so far, if I didn’t miss something, the PoV of the narration, if there is going to be a Commander or some not defined PP common conscience, in case it would be nice to be able to select the PP Commander, that will give buff/debuff factionwide.
Just an idea, having a chain of command could be very nice
PP Commander—>Base Commanders—>Squad Commanders & Liaison Officers in Havens