A different perspective on the switch to Epic games


There was actually no sarcasm intended whatsoever, but if you want to take it that way, then that’s up to you.


Really? then why not just put “Thank you for your response (above)”

Mature was a dig lets not pretend otherwise shall we.


I was actually trying to pay you a complement. - It is a problem with written communication in general that tone can misinterpreted. So, I’m sorry if you’ve taken my tone differently then I intended it, but you’re seeing a slight where there was none.


Thank you for the response.

As this will be my last post I wish you all the best on the journey with Phoenix Point.

I hope it turns out to be the game you dreamed of.

For me the journey has ended but I never wish any game ill.

Thank you for the conversation.


Bringing exclusivity deals will always be a huge no. Think about the damage that will do to the gaming industry. PP was doing great then it got greedy. This will be it’s downfall.


I hardly believe it. :wink:


Like what?


Bringing the console war to pc enforcing people to try to use a shit platform that sells your info to the Chinese. The fact they are strong manning you into use it is complete trash. I won’t support any company that support these type of practices.


Conspiratory theories aside, yeah exclusivity is inconvenient and cheap tactic (creatively not financially😁) but doesn’t damage industry in any way. Developers/publishers get injection of cash, store gets unwilling clients, Consumers are inconvenienced by another icon on their start menu/desktop. You are free to stick to your preferred platform, but damage to the industry? Lol


Hurting your customers and damaging trade is damaging the industry. Instead of getting it out to as many customers as possible they are choosing to greatly narrow their customer base by limiting their potential customer avenues. It will hurt them in the end.


I almost missed the still fresh “Epic is evil because CHINA!!!”.

You know, whenever someone says something like this, I get the feeling they don’t really understand how the market works, and this is just one of those quotes that gets repeated so many times people just don’t stop to think about it.

I won’t be explaining everything here - pfff, talking about Economics in a forum Phoenix Point?? -, but if Snapshot wanted to “get out to as many customers as possible”, and makes lots of money and whatever, they should very well stick it to making an FPS, and with a battle royale mode to boot and with IAP and microtransactions. Because obviously, that’s what the market wants. Hey, you know who tried to make an FPS out of XCom? Here, let me show it:

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Right cutting the customer base by attempting to strong arm them is bound to work. Take care I won’t bother with that type of ignorance.

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