3 questions: Overwatch, return fire, and xp

  1. Can enemy overwatch be cancelled by means other than killing the enemy?

  2. Is there a strategy for dealing w/enemies that have return fire?

  3. Is the formula for mission experience known? Do you get XP based on damage inflicted or just the final kill?

From the last update notes:

  • Daze and Paralysis remove the overwatch status from a target, as well as the ability to return fire.
  • Panic removes return fire, overwatch, and mind control

If one can destroy weapon or weapon arm, this will stop return fire. If one doesn’t want to chance return fire, setup overwatch instead.

As to #3, there seems to be some info, but how accurate it currently is, is unknown. Soldier experince gain

Stun/Daze (done with weapons with shock damage) or Paralyze (done with weapons with paralyze damage)

Shoot at them from far away, as they they can’t return fire for ranges higher than half of their perception modified by your soldiers stealth. Of course other statuses also cancel it as @mcarver2000 mentioned. I wouldn’t count on your own overwatch too much as often if can be ineffective.

Wow, I’m liking this game more and more b/c the answer to all 3 of my questions is what would actually make the most sense.

Melee damage didn’t trigger Return Fire.
Overwatch didn’t trigger, if your soldier has special bionic legs.

Not fully right. Before Danforth Melee could cause return fire.

And what? In December return fire trigger even if you shoot at another enemy. Right now it works as I said. After few months everything can changes again.