Soldier experince gain

Where can I find what are the exctions soldiersrecieve experience point? Is it for kills only? or it coes as a reward for an action? Or for a successful action? Is it worth to “finish” a bleeding alien to get more XP?

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As far as I know, in the game tips between loading screens says the the EXP is equally shared among all soldiers at the end of the map/objective. So, the less units/soldiers you carry the more XP for each one of them.

At level 7 they stop leveling up but the XP is still shared, meaning that if you have 6 soldiers total, and only one which is not level 7, this one will still get only his share of the XP, which pretty much sucks.

So it’s like, the total XP shown at the end of the mission shared between every unit equally.
There’s no specific info on how killing affects XP as far as I know.

I’m not sure if what is written is actually true. You get a lot of XP by actively killing, even is some XP is shared it’s a minuscule amount compared to getting own frags.

I think that the XP for a soldier depends on the damage that he did.
In BB5, if you used a soldier to shoot at an enemy and then entered the “/win” command in the console, the soldier would get all the XP and the others nothing. It may still be the case there although I would need to not use one of my soldiers to check if he gets 0 or at least part of the XP gets distributed equally.

But it is definitely not equally shared.

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I think you are right, it’s most likely proportional to damage dealt rather than a kill.

It was mentioned already. If devs didn’t change anything this post is still valid:

One thing that is worth mentioning that soldier then didn’t get xp for damage done with bleeding, poison or acid on the enemy. That would be shame if it wasn’t changed, but it was like that in Backers Builds. Answering question

Whole team won’t get more xp, but soldier who killed that bleeding enemy will draw xp from other soldiers (will receive more).

There’s not really any reason to arbitrarily kill enemies on the map, you don’t get bonus XP for kills, just the soldiers that kill them will get a bigger portion of the objective XP than those that didn’t.

Dug into the code. Here’s the exhaustive list of what you get “contribution” points for. Which are then used to scale how much of the objective XP you get shared between your guys.

  • Killing Something (Based on the deployment cost of the object, so bigger = better)
  • Dealing Damage (Damage over time is counted)
  • Healing (HP healed x a settings multiplier)
  • Taking Damage (Health lost x a settings multiplier)
  • Opening a Crate (flat settings value)
  • Activating a Willpoint Objective (the white areas with the head icons, flat settings value)
  • Mind Controlling Something (flat settings value) Mind control doesn’t appear to be hooked up, it’s probably using the ability modifier instead, maybe this is legacy code?
  • Using Abilities (amount depends on the ability)

So it has changed - nice.

That’s kinda fucked up to be honest. Priests don’t really kill much enemies, if any.
Assaults with rapid clearance on the other hand… It should honestly be equally shared or the higher the kill for a specific solider a higher multiplier, I guess.

Anyways, I believe everyone uses a base as a lvl up station with 5 or more training facilities, am I right?

I don’t. :slight_smile:

Well, I recommend it. But if you don’t want to for immersion or something, I totally get it.
It doesn’t break the game but it’s a valid strat.

I know it is valid, and immersion doesn’t bother me too much in this case. I just think that soldiers already level up quickly so I don’t need to spend on those buildings. :slight_smile:

I was alright until I got priests and infiltrators. Berzerkers, Assaults and Snipers are faster, indeed.
Dunno, also not much to build to be honest, in my opinion.