Overwatch system

When i played the last test i had no experience with Phantom Doctrine so i had no idea that an Overwatch system can put you in so much control.

In Phantom Doctrine, you choose where and when you Overwatch. The further you set the Overwatch the thiner and sharper the Overwatch cone is. If you set the Overwatch on yourself it is a small radius circle around you.
Different weapons had different Overwatch cones and an agents statistic would affect how far and how wide he can Overwatch.

On top of that each weapon had several Overwatch shots, which means you don’t stop the Overwatch once it was triggered one time. The Overwatch is on until you run out of ammo, or the amount of Overwatch shots hits the cap that weapon was designed to fire during Overwatch.

I know that the mist mechanic isn’t fully implemented and it causes your soldiers to waste ammo on targets that the probability of hitting them is non existent.
Which also bring me to the weapon that Return Fire mandatory. I would love to be able to turn it off, instead of switching to a weapon that doesn’t have that option. Or better yet tie it to the amount of Action Point you left that turn which translates into the amount of Return Fire shots the soldier is capable to execute, and allow the player to flush Action Point to prevent Return Fire (Similar to OGxcom).

From the already great complexity that we can see is being built and we can expect from PP in the future, i think it will benefit from an Overwatch system similar to Phatom Doctrine.

Thanks for your time, have a nice week.

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