Panicking enemies still shoot in overwatch

Panicking enemies still shoot in overwatch.


I agree this is a misfeature. Similarly the Scylla will spawn Mind Fraggers even when panicked, and I am pretty sure I have seen a few other unexpected ability uses too.

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I’ve been sliced up by a panicking Siren before too. Another bug for Snapshot’s bug hunt!

Yep…that’s the one.

In my latest run through, I am pretty sure I shot a Pandy who was panicked and it overwatch. He didn’t shoot back but I might have been out of range.

I wonder if the return fire (feature trait) works if they are panicked? I would think not but I remember getting shot late last year. I am interested in testing for this feature. I am thinking they shouldn’t shoot back if they are panicked.

Overwatch does not trigger when shot at, only on movement - including moving out of “cover” to take a shot.


Yes and so do completely paralyzed enemies…
I assume this will get fixed.