Panic and Paralyze does not remove Overwatch + freezing on my own turn

Hello I am sharing a list of bugs that I have encountered so far.

  1. Panic and paralyze does not cancel overwatch - i had a crabman use overwatch on his turn, on my turn i made him panic, then FULLY paralyzed and he still took his overwatch shot on my running soldier (Imho even 25% or 50% paralyze should disable overwatch).

  2. Freezing on my own turn - after a lengthy battle i was looking for last surviving enemy. To scout the roofs I used my technician to throw a turret on a 2nd floor (technician was on the ground floor so he threw it 2 floors up). It landed at the designated spot (at the edge of the roof). There is a very tiny chance that I might have hit a worm there, but I doubt it.

  3. Not a bug, but Corode is currently absolutely useless. It should work similar to poison - how much corode, that much armor/HP is eaten each round. Right now you can apply 150 corode on a body part that has 60armor and it will not have any effect for 6 turns…

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