Your feedback tool

I can understand why you’ve implemented an official feedback tool for PP.

But won’t the voting format that is currently being used within it mean that any new posts/ideas get buried by older posts that are trending due to being more visible in the first place?

Also, is it an idea to also allow users an option to down vote suggestions? - A post might have 100 people supporting it, but another 200 who dislike that same idea (and you won’t currently see that).

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There’s no option to down vote something. There’s no point. When such a feature exists, you get a situation much like Reddit - where people vote for the thing they want and then try to downvote everything else. The current system gives us a pure count of those who are in favour of something.

Even though suggestions which are trending float to the top - when someone tries to submit a new suggestion, Canny will present you with a list of topics with similar titles and keywords on the right hand side. The idea there is that you just go to the existing topic and add your vote to it, rather than creating a new one.

I could see the point of using that system for the addition of new features that would be optional to all other players.

The downside of the system however is that you’re not going to have a pure count of who is against any given suggestion. So how do you ensure that you’re not implementing a balance change, or a feature that affects all players, with no knowledge of whether that change has more people that will be unhappy about it that those who will be happy?

There’s a big difference between individuals all having the same idea and going to the effort of starting to submit a suggestion vs individuals simply seeing an existing idea and adding their upvote to it.

Just because something gets suggested or heavily upvoted doesn’t mean it will get implemented. This is just a tool for us to get of an idea of the areas which need addressing and in what order. Design decisions are still up to the development team.

Been seeing so many things that I would consider ruining the game beginning to trend. Worrying that the game may devolve into something I can’t enjoy anymore.

I would like to see some Devs highlight for upcoming updates, here’s a good reference
Each month they gives players some highlight in their milestone for upcoming updates, which is great. I don’t mean to compare Snapshot with Reto Moto, it just some reference that might be good for players more closer with the developer. Thanks.

Unfortunately I don’t think you are. Or rather, you’ll get the ideas on what needs addressing, but I don’t think you’ll get order unless you randomise the suggestions that are presented for each to vote on when they log in rather than showing them what has already got the highest number of votes.

Or put it a different way; how many of the suggestions made within the last 3 days have trended highly compared to the number of suggestions made in the first 3 days?

Btw. Can you introduce some dark background on Canny?

Canny is a very simple 3rd party tool. There are no customisation options at all, sadly.