Feedback System Feedback

As it stands, the system is effectively first-come, first served, since the earliest proposals saw the most views.

There are a lot of good ideas buried at the bottom that I suspect many people never see. Perhaps default the sort to newest rather than most upvoted?


You can sort and filter the posts.

You can, but realistically how many people are going to know, let alone, do that?


I get a weekly e-mail alerting me to “new” feedback posted. Speaking about feedback, it’s been about 4 weeks since we have received any feedback on our feedback. Nothing new has been tagged as “under review”, “planned” or “in progress”. Makes me wonder if the whole feedback system is just a pseudo-panacea to keep us mollified.

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As we’ve said before, no - that’s not the case.

Using Canny is new for us - and it takes time and planning for the dev team to go through the proposed suggestions and decide what can be implemented and in what order. This is ongoing at the moment, and once these decisions are made, you will start to see items getting flagged in Canny.


It is understandable but this kind of info/communication should be added in forums banner (and discord too) as you did for BB5 being pull out from EGS.
Even it is obvious for you as you are part of the team, i think it does not cost much for SG to share it and it help us have faith in the project instead of being ‘blind’
Thank you

It’s in the Canny thread which is globally pinned: Our New Player Feedback Tool is LIVE

You are right. I also had the same thoughts. The earliest post are the First ones as they got most votes in the beginning. I would also prefer the sorting by date as default…

Yeah, that’s my concern with it too.

And also the fact that you only see how many people are in favour of a suggestion, but you don’t see how many other people are against that same suggestion.


Perhaps it would be better if you dont see the votes of others. And the newest should be on the top by default


My apologies, should have said “Makes me feel as if …”.