Can no longer pick up weapons from the battlefield

Is this intentional? In the backer build it was possible to loot dead enemies for their weapons but nothing comes up any more. I don’t mean the crabmen weapons, just the normal ones from other human faction members or from tritons.

Just started playing the full version so I don’t know if this is 100% true all the time but during the first mission to New Jericho I tried to loot rifles from their troops. I think it was a bit rng since first time I got 1 rifle and 1 clip, second time I tried the mission I got 2 rifles, 1 clip and last time 1 rifle, 2 clips. Maybe the equipment drops are random? Didn’t use any grenades either so those rifles couldn’t have been destroyed (nor did I shoot those).

Also if the enemy drops any equipment there should be box like symbol over their body.

Yeah, they seem to have refined the system a bit. I’ve only had one drop so far so I don’t really know if every enemy can drop weapons. It might just be faction specific guys. Similar to you, I had a New Jericho guy drop a rifle and some ammo on the faction discovery mission. Then when I got back to base I could reverse engineer it.
So it seems like they’re making it harder to scoop up and horde spare equipment but easier to unlock faction tech without being allied to that faction.
Oh, and the guy that dropped the rifle for me, I did use a grenade on. Just didn’t destroy the weapon. So I’m not sure if that actually has any bearing on it at all.

Looks like its change from BB5. Now you get backpack symbols when theres a lootable item on a corpse.

Yepp! Backpack symbo appears if you can loot something.
But you don´t need to. After combat you get these drops automatically. They are shown in the summary tab after a fight.