Auto pick up loot after fight please

Right now the best way to deal with any human fight, is to use a sniper to cripple both arms on one. then kill the others looting their bodies while the one runs around like a chicken with its head cut off.

this is purely do to the fact in many missions you only really get good supplies when you loot the dead.

Can we please have at the least a scavenger perk for the trooper or heavy that automatically does this. You would only need one person with it in a squad.

Note I do think chest loot should be left unless the chest has been opened.

like did you guys know, that the disiples first human combat mission against the living armor people and snipers. Yeah they have your first chance to get bulk melee in the game as each has a project phoenix stun stick. They all have atleast 3 weapons on them, and a good chance of some rarer grenades for that point in the game.

Yet do you how the mission is set up, a player would only ever know that if they went out of their way to be sadistic to one hostile and just disable them. Kill the rest then loot while the last one runs around useless.


Strange but it seemed to me that we were already scavenging all that can be taken when leaving a mission. I had considerable amounts of stuff to scrap for material. True that in the beginning there wasn’t much but I got the contents of chests and opponent’s weapons (if not destroyed).

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Do not you want the missions to be automatic too?

@CeNedra0817 No, did you read the topic?

I don’t want to be forced to leave a single enemy alive while a scavenge supplies from his dead allies. Cause right now you don’t auto pick up dropped materials or materials in crates at the end of a mission. Meaning IF you want to loot every dead body, well that is one impossible as you have to leave a guy a live, and two you need to leave a guy alive and not kill them as you loot their buddies.

Which means disabling a single arm and then destroying all their weapons hoping one isn’t a grenade that disables the remaining arm.

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The easiest suggestion for what I am asking is this.

AT the end of a mission pull up a loot screen, which has all your soldiers and all the weapons/gear that is on the ground.

You can pick up any gear but you can’t take more then you have spare slots.


That is a great idea, auto pick up at the end of mission… but doesn’t allow the player to take more than they could hold.



my English is not very good, if I understand correctly, you want to recover on corpses automatically.
however, I would be against the fact of recovering automatically the loots of the box

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Your English is worse then you think. completely wrong.

A debriefing/loot screen with auto-pickup is the least I’m expecting. It’s a feature that is present in that kind of game since more than 20 years.

Some kind of cargo management would be even better as this would translate in more decision-making on the geosphere.

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I apologize for not seeing this - or knowing this - but we can loot?! that’s cool, I had no idea! Is there an icon that shows up demonstrating how we can do that? If someone can add a picture of what icon appears that would be appreciated.


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Looks like this bug is only one which stays away from me - I always got whole pack of loot rfom killed enemies. Well except 1 situation! If I restarted my game, and first tactic loading was bagged and causes me use ‘win’ - yes, this way I lost all stuff from enemies except lootboxes. In that case I used earlier save and tried to finish that battle again, or used ‘win’ if neccessary, but without game restarting.

I agree with you, crates in missions should not be included in this “mission end’s auto-loot” mechanic.
You should have to go to the crates to loot them (maybe the content should also be updated to be more attractive).
But it’s a pain to have to roam the whole map with one last enemy standing just to pick up ground loot on corpses …

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… and loot boxes

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I plan the route right away for box looting whenever I start a new ground mission :slight_smile:

Uncalled for.

If so there should be an option to continue exploring that map after the last enemy is killed. The misson shouldn’t auto end.


I absolutely would like to see post mission loot screen - if we conquered the area it makes little sense not to be able to take the loot. Having to go through loops to be able to do so, is a waste of time and is unintuitive. We could be limited by either what our soldiers can carry, or what our craft can carry (if there were such thing). If proper ship cargo were a thing, it might take strategy layer time to load stuff into the ship.


It absolutely annoys the fire out of me that everything doesn’t get looted automatically. After you have cleared the enemies and the mission ends, lore wise your guys should scour the battlefield for anything they can use. Considering the scavenging nature of the Phoenix Project, it makes no sense that they don’t. Sure, it picks up the occasional thing or two, but I have actually counted the number of undamaged weapons and ammo left on the battlefield as well as what was in the loot crates, and compared to the loot I got at the end it didn’t come anywhere near the same total.


Just out of interest, what happens in the case that you’re defending your own base? Do you auto pick up loot even then?

As opposed to say leaving it lying around to decay and rot within the base corridors, because you didn’t quite get to it before killing your last invading opponent.


Good question that needs to be addressed, because in the earlier builds you did NOT get that loot unless you actually picked it up! Even form your OWN MEN! I had a man die and lost all his gear, so I guess there was no funeral either…:slight_smile: