World map bug, cant play

After building 11 aircraft, I can’t interact with anything on the world map, fly to any point, trade, start a mission, recruit a soldier.
There are interaction buttons on the points, but when you press them, nothing happens.

Yes, it is confirmed. I loaded old save and checked, the error occurs immediately as the construction of 11th aicraft ends. In addition, in the dropdown aicraft menu, a maximum of 10 pieces are displayed, apparently the game does not support more.

I think I have had this with just one manticore. I couldn’t get the explore or info button on any of the locations. I had to fart about a bit to get it to work. I guess with 11 craft there maybe no such easy fix.

If you can load up the save game and navigate in the menu/interface where the bug is occurring on-screen and the press F12 - the in-game reporting system will activate and it will take a screenshot, a copy of the gamestate and will allow you to describe the problem in a small text box. This will then be sent to the team to reproduce and fix.

I had this happen as well with only 3 aircraft. I couldn’t get anything to interact. Eventually I swapped aircraft control and tried an out of the way area and the interaction magically came back for all aircraft. No idea what happened.