New Aircraft Bugs and Mission Bug

Built the Thunder “whatever” it is…has the same issue as Tiamat (so depressed by the build time and then finding it is bugged in the same as the Tiamat so I forget it’s name).

New Jericho Mission “Launch Codes”. When I win the tactical mission the game then freezes with me left looking at a spot in the Pacific Ocean somewhere North East of Australia. Can’t move the map, scroll or bring up the main menu, have to crash out.

Also noted when trying to use the Command window to force a game load, my game titled Resume actually comes up as Resume_1_1_1_1_1_1_1_1 …what is happening here?

Still finding it VERY enjoyable…and about to restart again just to splatter some bugs.

don’t bother building Helios. Manticore is the ONLY aircraft with haven popup. the rest is just for traveling and repelling the attacks