Can't click on base/location actions

As the title says i figured out the freezing bug and now i have another even worse bug, i can’t click on any of the actions next to a base or location. So basically i can’t explore, see base info, deploy and scan.
I did quit the game and reload again a couple of times and it got fixed, but that doesn’t work now.


Can you give me more details on the previous freeze you had? Maybe that was a coroutine issue that has slipped into the Geoscape layer and that’s why you can’t proceed.

Also, did you report it with F12 right after the bug happened? That would be of great help since we get a log with all the actions and errors.

The freezing issue was on tactical and was resolved by lowering the OC of my card (same thing happened in another game in the past so i thought i’d try and voila). Didn’t know i could report something that doesn’t really “register” as a bug. I just click on the actions and nada, nothing happens. But sure i can press F12 if that will be of help.

@gamingmechanoid: I have been getting a similar bug. When I click explore on an exploration site, the timer goes down and 1 of 3 things will happen. 1) the site becomes a question mark and I cannot interact with it again. 2) the site becomes a haven and I can interact with it normally. 3) the site becomes a mission but I can not deploy.

Please report these if they happen again. The third one in particular sounds very weird. We did have an issue similar to this one during development but we fixed it pretty easily with the contextual “Deploy/Explore/and so on” buttons.

This is happening to me as well. There are now two locations that still have the magnifying glass but when I try to interact with them, all of the options are greyed out. Unfortunately, one is the Symes Retreat mission, meaning I cannot advance that story chain.

Please help. I did use F12 and put in a ticket, but it looks like this may be a systemic issue given it is happening to multiple people.

Mine are not greyed out, i just click on them but nada.