Will weapons have firing modes?

I’m thinking of assault rifles specifically, it’d be nice to have the option to take shots as either single, burst, or full auto.


They announced that… no. Almost certainly there won’t be. :frowning: Definitely this is not the case of “That is too hard to implement”. I wonder if this would really “break” the game or balance somehow, because that must be the case for not implementing it. Or if I remember well, there was something about streamlining the game, so they try to avoid too many micromanagement during fight.

What difference would you expect from burst vs. full auto as an option for standard shot?

At the moment the assault rifle does something like a burst mode, they shoot 4/6 rounds per action. Do you want to empty the full magazine in one action? Use the ability “rage burst”. Do you want more accuracy? Take “deadly duo”.

Yes, it sucks if you need to waste a full burst of bullets for a 1hp alien, but you could just use a pistol to not waste all the ammo or do a melee hit if you are near enough.

From a game pov it’s kinda fair enough if it’s a perk, but most modern assault rifles just have a switch that allows the person using it to set a firing mode https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selective_fire to which from a realism pov it’s kinda odd that you would need a perk in order to be able to operate that selection switch. I can get my head around ‘‘rage burst’’ and ‘‘deadly duo’’ meaning that accuracy increases with full-auto and two shot burst respectively (is that what they affect?), but not the initial switch setting ability of the soldier firing that weapon.

‘‘Yes private?’’
‘‘Sir, I can’t set my assault rifle to full-auto’’
‘‘That’s because you’re not angry enough yet son’’

‘‘What now private?’’
"Sir, how can I set it to two round bursts?’
‘‘I’ll answer that question when you’re a sergeant’’
‘‘What should I do in the meantime Sir?’’
"Just use your pistol son’’


I’d hope for something like this:
Single Shot
Two/Three round burst (or four, or five… depending upon the weapon)
Fully Automatic

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What if they’re far away and you only want to take one shot in order to increase your accuracy?

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Yeah, I understand why you want the burst modes but they would have to change a lot in the game, the fire-modes of the weapons, interface, perks, than balance with all other. Would be nice but I’m not sure if there is time for it. Maybe possible to change in a DLC or Mod.

So again, how would it work in a game like PP?
Do you want a slide control to choose the amount of bullets fired matched with more AP spend?
How would you control the auto-mode?

I’ve seen other games do it with a balance of Shots vs AP, I’ve seen other games do it with a balance of Shots vs Accuracy. I’ve seen it done with both combined.

I’d imagine you’d control it via buttons that said ‘Semi, Burst, Auto’ or whatever option were available. It would be really cool UI feature to have a switch toggle though.

It’s really for Snapshot to decide how they’d do it, I’m just asking whether it’ll be there.

I know where you’re coming from and everything in design is a trade off, but I think we’ll see changes to perks yet anyway as they’ve only appeared in BB4, and balance will still need to be done regardless once all other game features are present. You do need to make a change to UI definitely, (I’d say it’s quite minor, but then I’m not a UI designer). The weapons again, I don’t think are fully implemented, you’re not changing the designs, but you are adding a new feature to those which would suit it.

You would have to set an amount of bullets shot. In a realtime game it is easy, fire until the key isn’t pressed or the clip is empty. I think single and burst mode is easy to implement, it has a fixed value of time/bullets shot, auto-fire is not that easy.

It is not enough to say only auto fire.

Again, it’s up to snapshot how they want to define it, but I’m sure that JG will have an idea of what I’m suggesting.


In Laser Squad, you used to be able to select auto and then input a number of shots. I don’t think you need that, it could be 2X burst, it could be a % of a clip, it could be specific number per weapon, it’s up to snapshot, I’m just asking about the possibility.


Uh, Laser Squad, very old school :smiley:

Yep, we will see if someone reads all the stuff in the forum and takes some good ideas from it.

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Yep, there’s always that consideration :wink:

I think the best we can do is put the ideas forward and then leave them there for Snapshot to see if/when they choose to. They picked a few up with Chaos Reborn, but at the end of the day they still went their own way with it.


It’s still good too! http://laser.zame-dev.org/

Just highlight-and-quote multiple times, it should work.

From the same message for funz, or from differents for reasons.

Coming from the World Lore and not the game design side, considering the rarity of ammo, troops would be trained in single shot and not burst. In reality that’s how armies are trained today. In game terms, perhaps small arms single and burst shot. with support weapons being full auto?

How’s no? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Well that’s truly sad! :pleading_face:
Complete elimination of this sort of little strategic elements in tactical battles is something I was hoping developers would avoid… .

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