Will the developers be working with Nvidia?

The reccomended system requirement, a 1060 gtx was much higher than I was given the impression to believe when we were told that the game would “run well on a whole variety of systems” at present I cannot match that spec. Will the developers be working with Nvidia and AMD to work on drivers which would allow them to keep their promise?

We’re already working with Nvidia and have been for a while. AMD too will most likely follow. Phoenix Point is actually going to be featured in the AMD Ryzing Indies stand at EGX Rezzed in London


Good to hear. Keep up the good work.

Will the game take advantage of the RTX cards?

You know what would be a nice recompensation fo Epic deal - a Phoenix Point PC!

UH, this , Outer Worlds, Sekiro. Devil May Cry 5, there are actually quite a few games this year I would like to play. I need to kill my laptop so I can justify buying a real rig this time.

Just buy an RTX 2070 or 2080 laptop. That’s what I did to replace my 970m, with my old one becoming the family computer. Though I didn’t buy it for PP.

Something tells me such configuration will often result in periodical throttling… Such cards are too hot for laptop, even 2060.

Eh, I don’t want laptop anymore. I am a big boy now, and live mostly in one place. I was thinking something along the lines of the newest i5 paired with RTX 1060 or GTX 1660 Ti but it seems like a bit more then I am comfortable spending right now, while I still have a laptop which runs at least some of the stuff I like to play. And as a EU citizen living in UK I certainly need to wait and see what Brexit will bring before purchasing expensive tech which will be difficult to take with me.

Depends on which laptop you get. All of the reviews I read for the one I ordered (a GL704GW) didn’t have throttling issues unless one tried to play on battery power or messed around with certain settings; though they did all recommend a cooling pad just to save your legs (something I’ll miss about my current beast). Here’s a review on it if you’re interested.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “big boy now” as the first thing that brings to mind is you being…rotund…and thus not moving around much. I don’t think this is what you meant, but I mean I’m a “big boy” (aka an adult) and I like having a laptop as it means I can move around the house (such as to escape my boys and whatever they put on TV). Plus my work randomly takes me away from my house for extended periods of time, at which point it’s nice to be able to reasonably play games while on the road.

Though I must ask, why would Brexit make it hard for you to take your tech with you? Would the EU charge you for bringing it back to wherever you’re from or something?

As a student I have been traveling regularly between US and Europe so I used laptops so I can easily take them with me. Now when I stay in one place for most of the year I don’t need my PC to be mobile.

When I mentioned moving out of UK I meant size. More clunky things - the more expensive moving out would be.

Ahh that makes sense. As I said, what first came to mind I figured wasn’t what you actually meant lol. And looking at the size of my desktop that hasn’t been used in ages (full size tower, GTX 285 for the GPU) I fully understand what you mean about size and how that can be more expensive to move.

I’m in IT and even I wouldnt buy myself a laptop. I don’t realy love my Starbucks barista taht much I need to see them all the time

I mean sure if you REALLY need portability I can see a specific need. But honestly most people should just get a decent desktop and an ‘ok’ laptop for portabiltiy if its really needed

Gaming laptops are the most overpriced hunks of garbage. I’m not sure why anyone wants to go back to the days of desktop replacement laptops that weigh a metric ton. If I was actaully travelling a lot I’d want something really light not a giant 15lb dead weight on the plane.

My current laptop is 9.5lb, not 15lb. My new one will be 6.5lb. I’m regularly on the road for 2+ months at a time. Laptops that are light suck for playing games unless you’re willing to settle for lower graphics and/or lower FPS and generally don’t age well when it comes to new games coming out. I consider my laptop more of a portable desktop given how much I travel.

If someone doesn’t move around a lot I agree that a desktop is the better way to go. But there’s plenty of people who are on the road enough to make a good laptop a worthwhile investment. My current laptop has a 970m, cost me $1500 over four years ago, and I’m only upgrading because my wife wanted a small computer for the house. As I have kids who want to play games on said computer I figured it was best to upgrade and give them my current laptop than to get them a “desktop” (she wanted one of the ones where the PC is built into the screen, which would have been decently pricey for not really being able to play games for my boys). Given the age of this laptop and how it can still play plenty of games reasonably well I wouldn’t call it an “overpriced hunk(s) of garbage.”

Also I hate coffee and thus almost never go to Starbucks, so I don’t have to worry about seeing the barista that much.

Depends on which laptop you get. All of the reviews I read for the one I ordered (a GL704GW) didn’t have throttling issues unless one tried to play on battery power or messed around with certain settings; though they did all recommend a cooling pad just to save your legs

All laptop cooling systems are ~same, unless we take special ones, like those with 1080ti - heavy and thick as bricks. If I play for many hours in a row, I get throttling even for my gtx 1050m laptop (which is just 40-50 watt). More powerful vcards laptops, as I see it, are not designed for prolonged gaming - I think, maybe 2-3 hours max. But they are nice, ofc, for periodical gaming (though still notably underperforming in comparison with same desktop version vcard; difference may be up to 40%).

If someone doesn’t move around a lot I agree that a desktop is the better way to go.

I don’t move around a lot, and still gaming laptop for me is a must, because I don’t have my personal room where I can be alone all the time, so my gaming place must be portable -)

This is my current laptop. It very much has great cooling and hasn’t had issues with prolonged gaming. Likewise if you look at the one that I ordered it does use more advanced cooling than a regular laptop (the review I previously linked goes into it), though I wish it was more like my current one. The extra weight doesn’t bother me and I’ve enjoyed not needing to have a pad separating it from my lap unlike my laptop before it.

You’re still moving around a lot then. Needing to move around the house is still moving around. Some people might tell you “just get a desk” but I understand that isn’t always an option and that there’s still valid reasons one might move around in the house (something you clearly can’t do with a desktop). My wife regularly uses her laptop in our sitting room, living room, dining room, and bedroom depending on what she’s doing; even though the sitting room has the desktop like 8ft away and roughly 10ft from the dining room table (another common spot for her).

I have similar model (i7-4720HQ 2.60GHz, GTX960m). I can comfirm that cooling of more robust than in my previous Dell. Unfortunately the processor and graphic card doesn’t cut it anymore for the majority of titles. My backlog of game I want to play, but can’t is constantly growing.

Good port of older Japanese titles has been my main food recently. Kinda annoyed with Catherine right now and regret not refunding it, as while the game runs well, animation seem to be happening 30FPS making the game quite unenjoyable to play.