System requirements

I commented originally on the PhoenixPoint facebook post but I really need clarification on the required specs for this game:

Me: Bought it. Tried out the current developer version. Performance wasn’t good in “potato” mode on a 2017 MBPR with the Radeon Pro 560 4GB VRAM. I was running in native resolution. Reminded me why I don’t normally play prerelease software. I’m hoping it will have all the usual polish on release. Gameplay looks promising :grin:

Phoenix Point: The current development version (as a pre-alpha) doesn’t have any real optimisation yet. The minimum requirements for VRAM is 8GB though.

Me: Phoenix Point crap I didn’t see that. So it won’t work on a top of the range 2017 MacBook Pro (with upgraded graphics card)?

Me: Phoenix Point you might want to update your published specs. It only specifies system RAM not VRAM. I have a higher specced video card than published. If it isn’t going to work then sadly I will need a refund.

My top of the range 2017 MacBook Pro 15" has the optional upgraded graphics card (Radeon Pro 560 with 4GB VRAM) it has 16GB system RAM. Currently the published requirements for this game state that this is sufficient, but the reply to my facebook post from Phoenix Point staff suggests that it is not.


the recommended specs would be for the finished game, not a pre-alpha that needs to be optimized.

I suppose that 6 or 8 GB of video RAM should be enough for all fireworks of final game. So maybe 4 GB would make it for lower details.

Doing a comparison of GPUs that Radeon seems a bit…weak for an upgraded/top of the range card. My 970m is roughly 3 years older and has higher specs than the Radeon.

That said you still might be able to play the game when it comes out and is optimized. Just don’t be surprised if you have to turn a bunch of the graphics down.

Don’t worry, in modern games difference in visual aspect between LOW and ULTRA is minimal (if we don’t speak about resolution), but the difference in fps between these graph settings is enormous )

Might work isn’t good enough. I spent £60 on a pre-order based on my machine being better than the minimum specifications listed only to be told that it may not be enough. There’s two reasonable outcomes: confirmation that the specs are accurate and I will be able to run the game once it is complete, or I get a refund and they update the published required specification.

I would recommend contacting Xsolla for a refund. We’ll have them add the minimum video RAM requirements to the page (which we had already asked for previously). These are also estimated specifications at this point, so we’d rather quote on the higher side.

I was running fine (for an unoptimized alpha) on my old GTX 970@6Gb.

8Gb VRAM minimum requirements for the finished product is ludicrous and probably a typo/mistake.

For comparison, a game like Anthem, released today, is listed at 2GB required, 4GB recommended.

We don’t have requirements for the finished product yet though, which is the issue. Until the game is closer to completion and optimised, we won’t know for sure.

I see your point, but I’d bet my sandwich that the game won’t release with an 8GB VRam requirement.

That would put it outside the range of most mid range configs, would get the game crucified by reviewers for lack of optimization and would make it the most Vram demanding game ever.

The only game I could see flaunting such requirements would be Star Citizen, but I’m using the term “game” very loosely here.

I completely agree.

At the moment, it’s better for us to overquote the specifications thant under quote them - as if many people buy the game now and the specs are higher at launch, they may not be able to play the game which they paid for.

Also, we already have people who seek refunds on the pre-alpha because of performance based issues. The higher specifications are also designed to try and reduce this.

My ancient 6 years old GTX 780 with 3 Gb doing fine with “fantastic” quality at FullHD resolution.

Yeah. First of all Radeon Pro 560 is not a titan of performance. Even if you use it in super neo techno uber shit like Papple. :slight_smile: I would wait and see if optimisation will change anything. If not then ask for refund.

Can I run this game with this config?

Ryzen 3 1200
16MB 2400mhz
geforce 750Ti 1GB
ssd 360gb

I’m very concerned as I was told when I backed the game that it would run on a variety of machines. Fantastic even at 1366:768 and reducing the SSMA on Nvidia runs terribly. 960m 4gb

Final game will, but not backer builds. Those require some powerful computers.

Ryzen 3 1200
16MB 2400mhz
geforce 750Ti 1GB
ssd 360gb

They said if you can run XCom2, you will run PP as well. That is the approximate level of requirement. With 750ti …hm… I think it will, but only on lowest graph settings.

Optimisation is one of the last things to do. I would expect backer beta to be highly unoptimised and not at all representetive of the final product. We will need to be closer to release to know what OC exactly will PP need.