Phoenix Point on underperforming computer

I recommended the game on another forum and one response strongly suggest his computer isn’t up to the spec. So I tried the game on my outdated laptop if it runs. Sure does. Mostly frames per second, though there are occasional hang ups. Reminds me about playing Total Annihilation and Quake II on 75 MHz Pentium processor.
Laptop in question:
Turion II P520 Dual-Core 2.30 GHz
4 GB of RAM
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650


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Game works nicely on dual core i5 or Athlon dual core 2-3Ghz but with 8GB RAM and a bit modern Radeon HD 6800 plus, 7000 plus … So minimal specs are even set a bit higher. But SSD is recommended for loading times.

Loading times are minutes on my laptop (details on 1st post), but still better than loading a game on Commodore 64 from audio cassette tape. I made the test out of curiosity if new triple-A (if PP qualifies that high) game can run on outdated computer. Sure does. If developers make available such low graphic settings as 640 x 480 resolution, they could as well test it out with appropriate hardware, put some effort to work out the kinks, and write hardware requirements accordingly. Even as of right now, 10 years old desktop computer with at least 4 GB of RAM could likely run the game adequately with change of a graphic adapter.

I say this was an interesting experiment. Thank you, rasvoja, for telling about your experiences. Does anyone else have experiences about playing the game on a sub-par computer? What is the REAL minimum hardware? Certainly not Mobility Radeon HD 5-series. Even though the game runs, graphical glitches are too bad.

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Hahha, CBM had turbo loaders, ZX Spectrum was a real challenger :slight_smile:

On low end computers, setting game to 1024x768 is essential for smoother gameplay, even anims dont have glitches, and game anims even in combat work flawlessly.

I would set it to (for 1024x768)
DirectX 10 compatible graphics card with at least 1GB VRAM, DX11 recommended
Windows 7 64bit
Dual core 64-bit CPU 2-3Ghz per core
4GB RAM, but I would leave 8GB RAM due to intensive swap on 4GB. It might be even possible to start on 2GB but swapping would be experience killer on any action.

Essentially what can run Win7 x64 can ran the game, its matter of performance.

But in my experience, patch by patch, engine gets more complex and AI needs more CPU so it will go slower in slower on low end machines.