Will squad sizes increase?

One of the big appeals for me in backing PP was the thought of having larger scale battles than those that appeared in Xcom. I think the fig mentioned that you would be eventually sending in squads of 16 depending on the mission.

Is this still planned? I’d find it far more preferable to be facing the alien threat with more equal numbers, 16 vs 30 than to have superhuman perks in order to equal those odds.

It’d also mean that those slots being taken up by ground vehicles would be less precious.

I am pretty sure that is still the case. Other ships are to offer increased squad size but are bugged from what I have heard.
It is possible already though, to send more then one Manticores to the same mission.

I just hope that appropriate map sizes will be added. Those small maps look crowded already.


If they don’t plan to change random map sizes then I doubt that standard squad size will increase. That is the first IF.

Second IF is connected to story missions. If they are still planned and will be crucial to the whole story, then I suppose part of those special missions will allow you to take those 16 soldiers mentioned during crowdfunding time.

I would also prefer lesser abilities. But about balancing. Remember there will be allied soldiers during haven defence missions. So fights will be more balaned by this and there will be a lot of fighting going on.

And during your base defence missions you can have as many soldiers as you have in total. :slight_smile:

Is that the case at present? - (I certainly hope that it ends up that way.)

It is like that right now. I had over 16 soldiers :slight_smile: Of course UI is not prepared for so many units, but ‘Tab’ and arrows help switch between soldiers.

I’ve been sending the Manticore and the NJ helicopter (I forget it’s name) to missions, and my squad cap was still 8. What have I been doing wrong?

Someone might correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that only Manticore crafts function correctly in BB5. Other transports are bugged.

They are bugged, but you can do attack and defend missions with them.