Frustrated by reload bug

Yeah, I really like the ideas behind the game, but the bugs and unfinished presentation layer are eating it.

I have just invested more then an hour in progressing through the mission and ended up not being able to reload, although I clearly had correct type of ammo in my inventory but getting message “No ammo in inventory”. Tried everything, putting ammo/gun on the floor and picking it up, exchanging it with another soldier. Nothing helped. Happened to another soldier in the same mission but at last it helped when I switched weapon with another soldier.

So I found that reload bug was actually reported all the way back in October last year. This worries me.

I love this game so much that I will be following development and am willing to act as a tester, reporting bugs and suggestions. Hell after working as software developer and then architect for many years, I’d be willing to contribute in any way possible. I’m just hoping that it’s moving forward.