Noob Question about certain ammo and missions

I am still learning in this game.
How do I get more ammo for the special soldiers I recruit that have an bluish Bulldog AR-50 ?

On Havens I see red missions.
Are they repeatable or one time missions?
I assume they are giving you reputation for doing them. What level of difficulty are they most of the time?
If they are one time per node I might do them.

if you have the technology to build the New Jericho Bulldog, either through being given it for being friendly with NJ, stealing the tech from NJ, or reverse engineering the gun, you will be able to manufacture more ammo.

As to the red missions on havens: if you mean the infiltration/raid missions those harm that haven and that faction. They are repeatable and they will get harder as you do more of them and as the haven increases its defences

Oh I see, so it is quite the opposite I thought they are :wink:
I thought they help getting that facility up. lol

How or where does one “reverse engineer” stuff?

Reverse Engineering is on the research screen and consumes one or more of the item in order to build more of them. The item(s) cannot be equipped to a soldier if you only have the minimum number of them

Could you please make a screenshot of that cause I dont see anything like that in my research tab…oO

from another player

This must be a thing you unlock later in the game as I dont have this options or listing at all! Or I need more samples idk.

you need to research that faction first