Why does it take so long to load?

Why does it take so long to load?

Want to play a quick game… cant because it takes 10 minutes to load and then another 5-6 to get into your save.

There are some people with these issue, needs to be optimized, UV said he reported it.

But to be clear, your PC seems too slow. I have a good modern PC and it takes maybe 30 seconds to load.

ive just installed the latest build and it takes 5 minutes or more to load . i have an i7 8th gen proccesor 32gb ram and nvidia gtx 1080

So better than my config and for me game load in 1.5 minutes. What drive do you use? SSD or HDD?

That’s a huge waiting time, my system needs 3 to 4 minutes to load the game, but from that moment on it’s smooth sailing.

I have an i5 2.5Ghz with a GeForce GTX 950M, and even if the game takes 3-4 minutes to load, from that moment on it’s OK.

I install all my games on Hdd the os is on an nvme ssd


That me the case. I think that the game is unpacking or at least doing check sum of all the files before loading them to memory. If your read times from HDD are slow then it can take time. I have it on SSD, but probably my CPU is quite old and making all the calculations takes time for it.

Just to throw some values into the room:

On my normal sata ssd it takes about 45 seconds from klicking play to menu (skip the intro).
On my “fast” nvme ssd it takes about 35 seconds
and on my “slow” hdd it takes about 4:30 min !!!

Yokes might be right it will be some unpacking or check sum calc.
What I can see on my hdd, windows tells me something about 20MB/s, so there must be some very IO intense operations, that is the point where hdd sucks and ssd rules.

Put Phoenix Point on your ssd, even any very old sata2 ssd with ~200-300Mbit max speed and less 50k IOPS will be way better than any hdd!

Maybe Snapshot Games can optimze something until release, but someone who still uses hdds today has to live with long loadtimes.

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I posted in another thread that the game loads 12.8 GB of data at the start. It is probably just not optimized yet.

It’s possible that it is a checksum but just as likely that they are currently loading all assets at the start or something, which can be optimized.

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Just really a side note here: Defragging your hard drive or using Microsoft’s contig can speed up HDD times. SSDs by nature don’t have issues with files being all over the storage space.

Even brand new files written to a mostly empty hard drive can end up being split many times and distributed in various physical locations.

If you look at the loadtimes between hdd and ssd you can easily see that a defragmented hdd doesn’t end up in much better loadtimes, you maybe can get a few seconds, that’s all.

Yep, you are right. Currently the load is doing a fair amount of random IO. They are probably waiting for development to settle out before they optimize the bundles.

For all the load times are pretty crazy (as discussed, likely due to bundle optimisation), I will say that the game plays far smoother than previous builds now, and that’s also on the media box we’ve got plugged in to the TV, which is a fairly low-end rig, gaming wise.