Loading times longer then before?


So the recent update made we want to jump back into PP, and with my ironman of Chimera getting halted by a bug I decided to dive back in.

Has there been a major unoptimization happening in the last few patches? Loading times take a really long time (minute, couple minutes?). I don’t remember that happening when I played on launch. Anyone experiences that as well?


For me, it’s the same as before, long. Close to 1:30 to 1:45 minutes.

Thanks. Perhaps I misremember things.

Wow, that’s a long time, what type of computer system and general specification are you using?

I have noticed this to! Not a great deal longer for me but it is noticeable! I have nearly finished my first play through on the new patch and have a list of bugs which have appeared, that was one of them. I going to post what I have found soon…:slight_smile:

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I am running on
i7-4720HQ @2.60GHz
GTX 960M
HHD drive

I also notice some major frame drops when firing a gun. Not always but sometimes.

Not sure if it’s longer than before but its definitely noticeable. Loading back into geoscape is taking quite some time too, which is more surprising.

SSD drive (I use M.2 Nvme) is a great deal. Loading times are great , didn’t notice issues

Yeah, I don’t complain to be honest, though most games load just fine for me wth on my laptop (under 30s). I was just surprised because I don’t remember it being that way when the game launched - the longest loading times are tactical missions (obviously) but going back to geoscape or loading a cinematic takes an oddly long time as well.

But again, I might be rismembering things - I might be happy enough that I could run the game just fine, to not notice those hiccups.

I’m using a SSD drive too. I think that must contribute substantial to loading times. I hadn’t noticed anything, but understandably many users with traditional hard drives will notice extended loading times if there have been changes.

Ok, oddly enough loading times a close to what I remember now - nothing outrageous. I don’t know what happened. Perhaps my laptop was doing something in the background eating up processing power without my knowledge? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Nothing seemed to use the disk much outside PP, but perhaps there was something else going on.

I am not quite ready to make a new thread about my feedback, but I must say I am having a really great time so far. While there might have not been many sweeping changes since the release, I do feel the smaller improvements add up. The game feels more enjoyably balance (though I did drop to 2nd hardest difficulty, from the hardest - I think. That might be the reason as well), and game feels more reliable. I didn’t encounter any major issues with cover and line of sight which I felt were a plague in the release. The whole thing just feels better balanced as well.

I can’t express how much different a decreese in alien attacks make - so far it’s been a steady pace of exploration and defence, where in 1.0 I felt I was working as Vermin and Pest control for the other heavens. :hugs:

I also keep encountering a healthier mix of human and pandoran enemies, which is great. Keeps things from getting too repetitive.

I concur. The game has much improved and hopefully future changes will make it more so.

So I’m no expert, but in recent weeks I keep reading reports that Windows 10 is slowing application software down. There are various articles discussing how Microsoft upgrades/patches are chaotic and how each patch ensues more problems. But it may depend on which variant of Windows 10 that is being used. Perhaps the development team know more about the technical perspective.

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Hmmm maybe. Windows has been doing some patching in recent day, so perhaps my first PP session happened on some troublesome update.

Nope! I run MAC and it has slowed a lot since the patch, and I have had no updates for a very long time!

Guys, this is a special thing that makes PP to feel like you’re playing original UFO and UFO2. Same atmosphere.
I still remember how I, back in 90th, waited for 5 minutes to load any mission on my i386.
Every loading now reminds me about these days.


Ah I see. Unfortunately, I don’t have this reference. First time I played UFO was sometime in mid 2000 on DOS emulator, and more so later before FiraXCOM release - first steam version and more recently OpenXCOM.

Still, if long loading could be optional for only those who want it, that would be ideal :slight_smile:

Actually, my loading time is 30 sec at Ryzen 2600 + ssd

I’m inclined to agree with you. I haven’t timed it, but the loading times do feel longer since I returned to the game. It’s not terrible, maybe like 30/45 seconds for me, but I’m sure it used to be a bit quicker, more in the 20/30 seconds kind of region. My PC is not a potato, but it’s not cutting edge, either - i7-4790k, SATA III SSD, 16GB DDR3. GTX1070.

Just read down the thread, and I agree about the game feeling better upon revisitation. Some balancing has helped, and nerfing of perks. Re base attacks, I play on normal, and the pandas just keep attacking the same base over and over again - it’s the one nearest PP. Must have attacked it about ten times in a row, and no others. Who knows…

For those suffering longer load times… I had neglected the drive where I install my games for some time. While I have an automatic task set to defragment my drives, the one with PP on it had run out of free space. Therefore the defragging never took place. After clearing up enough free space, I defragged the drive and my load times significantly dropped. I suspect that with the many patches, updating large amount of files, the files get too fragmented.

Give it a try and see if it helps your slow load times.