Mechanics of recruiting soldier

Feeling dumb, but found a haven with a recruit. I clicked base info, I can see the soldier, but when I click on it nothing happens. How do you actually recruit the soldier?

you need the recruitment protocols tech, an open slot in your aircraft, and the aircraft at the haven

Thanks for the awesome reply. I don’t yet have the recruitment tech protocol. Not sure how to get it, but at least I know I am missing something instead of searching the interface for a way that doesn’t exist.

After getting to first human haven you should get research about recruitment. Finish it and icon on map near havens should show up. :wink:

next question:
I can’t recruit a pure technician or priest… I CAN select these classes as a secondary traits, but NJ or DA havens don’t offer these classes as recruits (only Berserkers and heavy/assault/sniper).
Is that ‘works as expected’?

I have “quiver” for Synedrion but no haven proposes an infliltrator. Does anybody have one ?

not yet, but Synedrion is the last (70% ?) one on my diplomacy list while Anus and NJ are 100% or extremely close

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in order for you to recruit elite classes directly from the havens, they need to have elite training facilities built