Why are no Flyers appearing?

I’ve done the mission “The Gift” and the behemoth has hatched, but so far it hasn’t spawned any flyers. It’s going around and has already wrecked 5 different havens, but I can’t do anything to drive it back into the sea if there is nothing for me to intercept. Is there some requirement to spot alien flyers? The area the behemoth is wandering around in is out of radar range of my bases, but I haven’t read that there is a requirement for spotting the flyers. I’ve stationed my Manticores near the behemoth, but still not spotting anything.

Is my current campaign just bugged?

there is no special condition to spot them. You are unfortunate that there is no flyers spawned. They should appear at some point… but 5 havens is a lot without even 1 air Pandoran.

It eventually got bored and wandered off into the sea. Just as it was leaving, I spotted a flyer, but there was no “Active Flyers” line in the alerts on the left of the screen. Once the Behemoth returned a few weeks later, it seems to have resolved correctly. Now I see the flyers reported when they appear… maybe I was unlucky and none spawned, but having flyers present but not listed in the alerts definitely seemed buggy.

If you see such cases then please use “F10” button for reporting tool and submit bug. Devs reveive these along with part of recent activities and can investigate what is going on.

You mean days? If it was weeks then, probably he was “fed up” with his first run and was dormant to let you compensate