Cleared alien in haven defense - then stuck

OK, got Build 3. Flew around, built a few refueling stations. Then a haven got attacked. Went in; swept through the map, taking out about 8 or so crabmen. That appeared to be all of them, because the ‘Alien Activity’ banner no longer appeared; as I ended each turn, all the soldiers’ action bars were immediately reset to full.

But I couldn’t get out of the battlefield. Tried everything I could think of. Obviously, there’s something I’m missing, but whatever it is, it isn’t explained in the game guide.

UPDATE: I started a new game, flew around, got into a haven defense, killed all the crabs, and this time it exited just fine. So apparently my experience above was a true bug, and not just something I was doing wrong.

From my experience, the issue seems to be that there are still hidden enemies that you cannot see, but they will not take an action on their turn and thus you immediatly get your turn again.

I had my sordiers scour the map when that happened and 2 more crabmen poped up from a hidden position and attacked me in melee. After killing those the mission then ended normally.

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Yes. You need to find hiding not active enemies. Or if you don’t want to do that you can always go to ‘extraction zone’ and run away with all your soldiers.

Oh, I completely searched the entire area, opening all the crates, achieving all the blue zones. I went to the orange areas, which I assumed were extraction zones, and spent a few turns at each one, but nothing happened there. Again, my point is that the ‘Alien Activity’ banner never came back; there was no delay between when I ended my turn and when my forces could move again.

When you don’t see enemy and he is not moving then your turn switch almost instantly after you press “End Turn”. In orange areas there is new action which allows you to escape from the map. :wink:

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