Where we get the new Sniper Rising Sun Skin?

It was supposed to be launched today but i can’t find it anywhere…

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Just redeem the code from game menu before starting a new game,


Thank you @etermes !!! You are the man!!! :pray:t3:

I saw in your Youtube video that you have 8 slots in Manticore… in Feastering the Skies we can upgrade it to 8 slots? Or it was possible before and i still a noob besides finished the game twice and did not noticed it… :crazy_face:

You can manufacture a “new” Manticore after serveral researchs, cheaper, 8 slots but requiring mutagens

Thank you, but this is Festering Skies new content for sure, or it was possible before and i still noob :stuck_out_tongue: ?

new content only for FS

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Thank you!!! This is great and a reason to not stole any ship of other human factions… a good house rule for me is not attack other humans to stole resources or ships… at least until it is patched, because the penalty is so low that is almost cheat do that and have resources and ships for free.

@etermes i saw in your video and is in Festering Skies description that Behemoth contamine Havens and we have a mission to destroy the node to recover it… but in my reduced experience with new DLC, it attacked an Haven, destroyed it, and did not appear an option to have a mission to destroy that code… it is supposed to be like that?

That is because it is RNG: Behemoth will destroy the haven, will damage facilities there or he will perform an infestation.

But early game is not infecting havens, you have to wait, surely during second or third Roaming.

Thank you, i supposed it was that. Btw RNG means random :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:?

Indeed :smile:

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RNG = Random Number Generator, a piece of code to generate random numbers :slight_smile:

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Damn I forgot about this one :frowning:
Now I’ve already started the campaign… not sure if I’ll restart just for that…

Well, it is just a skin:

Rising Sun

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Thank you Skunky!!! :+1:t3:

English is not my language and i couldn´t understand why RNG is the diminutive for Random :crazy_face: lol!!!