Raiding same Haven several times in a row – Game needs a hotfix!

It is amazing for me that, one and an half year after it’s release, a possible exploit like this still active!!! A simple hotfix corrects it.

No make any sense and destroy all the economy in Phoenix Point the possibility to repeat the same mission in same Haven over and over until PP soldiers stay without stamina. When Pandoras attack an Haven it stays in construction in that facility for some days, when player trade resources it has some time to resources are back/produced in that Haven again, but when player raids an Haven, he can immediately after repeat the mission over and over and earn lot´s of resources making it a super easy way to don’t have any concern about economy in the game.

In my opinion this is an example of bad programming and that the game were released before totally polished, but worst than that, is that after so much time, playing again with Festering Skies DLC, one and half year after, the exploit still there.

Please, correct this asap, a simple hotfix do it.

This is a different matter of the almost absence of reaction from other human factions to Phoenix Point attacking their Havens witch is a severe fault in the game in my opinion also. Taking an aircraft, kill all the defenders in Haven and the penalisation is only lose 6 diplomacy points (that easily can be regained again destroying pandora aircraft, in some poi or destroying a simple nest) no make sense at all and is urgent to correct to have a more competitive game with less house rules from the players side for who wants a fair game. But that is matter from another topic.

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Raiding same Haven several times in a row – Game needs a hotfix!!! | Voters | Phoenix Point


This game is all about exploits under the name of sandbox.

Everything is allowed like you enter a god mod cheat code. You just need to create restrictions for yourself to enjoy it, as you can…

You see some missions to give you unlimited credits, just limit yourself one per week.
You have OP skills which can stop biggest enemies and one shot them, don’t use them.
You soldiers get healed between missions without any need of medbay, just make yourself always return to your base before next mission.
Your items teleported magically, just do not change your inventory before you return your base.

This is PP.


Yeah, I have similar feelings about self-restrictions. I don’t feel like I play the game, it more like me pretending I play a game I wish I have. :slight_smile:


The game designed to help people practice self-restraint.


I used to steal 5 research in time. When need materials raid factories, food, science.

I would pick one fraction and raise a hell and get soldiers skill up, as its all like special missions :slight_smile:

I’ve never raided for food, science or materials in my 2 walkthroughs.

Game needs to restrict players, NOT other way around!

Rainer from Starcraft? :slight_smile:

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