Where to choose GOG or steam?

As I bought the game I thought that I should choose Steam or GOG key, bot where to do it?

Once full game is released, or near to it. That is, next year this time © Only Fools n Horses

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I’m pretty sure it’s still “backed”, not “bought”. Correct me if I’m wrong, @UnstableVoltage, but PP is still in rather early stage of development so pledging for a tier which provides access to full game once it’s done, should not even be treated as pre-orders yet…

They are pre-orders. Backing only really applies during crowdfunding, which we have now passed. Of course, there is some overlap. The main difference is that with “backing” you’re not buying a product, rather giving money to a company in order for them to make something - and you generally get rewards in return.

But in answer to the original question, we will send out e-forms for all customers to complete prior to release to get any extra details we require, such as platform choice.