When: Technician, Incendiary nades?

When does NJ starts having Technicians and Incendiary grenades?

Basically, I am playing a scenario where I am the bad guy, stealing from everyone! And thus, I could not get any tech from them factions other than stealing research from them…

Look here: New Jericho Research - wiki.phoenixpoint.com

Graphical overview of all researches in the game here: Sheepy's Tech Tree - wiki.phoenixpoint.com

Short answer: Technician around mid to end January, Incendiary Technology somewhat later (I never saw it before Technician, even when it would be possible).

Just a remark, the factions research much slower than the player, so don’t expect to get some later stuff earlier, it will be mostly the opposite. In my experience, the fastest way to get the later techs is to ally with everyone.

re: Technician Development (1200)
Based on this WIKI, what does the number represent?
a) a timeline?
b) or amount of research needed to get it (by the faction)?

ps. playing ALLY every playthrough, gets boring really fast.


And, as far as I know, every haven of a faction with a research facility provides research points per hour or day (I don’t know the values).

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I see… so it pays to have their havens protected from attacks (except me).

To a given point yes, it pays off, even more for you as you want to play the bad guy and steal all their tech. The less research they can do on their own the less you can steal from them. Except you want to go mostly with PX tech, that could be of course very interesting.
In contrary, when allied, then the player can research it on his own and much faster as the factions, their research is helpful, but not that much needed, at least in my experience.

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I wanted the technician for the PDW. IMO, it is the best 1H weapon. And if the soldier got the right perk, can take out mid/late game targets in 2 APs. Makes for a great sidearm for a Heavy who can leap in and dump 4 bullets at point blank range…

Once I start seeing NJ Technicians in their havens, does that imply I can steal the Technician Tech from them?