[BB5] Research feedback

First of all, I LOVE the idea when you have three or four different research trees.
What I miss:

  • clear information about research tree. right now after getting to some point in diplomacy (50%?) I got some of faction research. that’s great. but I would like to know where they are in they research, what can I expect, what they miss. MAYBE I could trade living crabmen that I have in my containment in exchange for new sniper technology?
  • clear indicator that I have new research available from other faction. currently, faction tabs on research panel are unresponsive until something is there, but you have to click them to check that
  • more complex research process.
    1a) I see that I can manage my power and turn off some rooms if I have to redirect power… maybe there should be other option… to send more power if you want to increase the speed? so you could switch power between reseach and manufacturing (with limited base size, there is small chance that player would build a base with 10 power generators to speedup everything).
    1b) maybe you could create ‘specialist’ guys available from a special room, and you can delegate these specialists to work with research, manufacturing or scanning?
  1. research tree. true tree, with visible dependencies and possible events like ‘breakthrough’ from XCOM reboot. I LOVED it…
  2. another idea for event: ‘New Jericho asked you for help in research. If you agree to delegate your research team to assist them for X days you will be rewarded with a new-improved project’ etc

Next question/feedback.
In the full game, do you plan to allow player to be able to progress in research WITHOUT factions?
From what I see, if we don’t have access to faction research we can’t use their weapon. During havens defence mission I’ve killed 15 tritons with Synedrion sniper rifles and they are GONE after the mission (because I am not allied with SYnedrion) while I can easily grab any Anu’s pistols or shotguns.
Is that correct?
It looks like we are force to work with factions, because there is no ‘alien weapon’ technology other than mutations (MG, GL) and we dont have access to it (and even if, I guess that would be part of DoA research).

They are not gone. You can sell them, or use them. If you use them the problem will be ammo in the long run, but to be honest, raising faction’s diplomatic status is fairly easy in this build.

It’s a bug. You can hire a sniper with the same sniper rifle, replace it with something else and it will be gone from storage. It happens to other weapons too.


I don’t see them in my storage, MAYBE they will appear when I got the research? I dunno. But it was my idea, that because it’s still a ‘human’ technology I should be able to use them (even) without technology necessary to manufacture it or produce more ammo.

Must be a bug. It’s the same than the one i get when i put my hel cannon in the inventory, it suddenly transforms into a goliath grenade launcher (why? who knows).