When is the Next Patch, just curious!

I did a search before posting this I don’t see anything that mentions the next patch? Any time line on the next one. Hopefully with a priority on fixing the acid problems? Of course there are many other things but this one is just a real fun killer…:slight_smile:


I suppose it is not possible to predict release date given current circumstances.

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The next patch is coming quite soon. We do not want to give the exact date yet but approximately 10 days. Ideas which are in progress on Canny (https://feedback.phoenixpoint.info/) should be included in the next patch.


All of those points sound AWESOME can’t wait! However, you did not mention anything about the ACID OP problem? You just said “make ACID worth it? In the completed stuff which I take to mean the original ACID trip that it is currently on? Is anything being done on that front with the next patch? As it is not mentioned in the 'Planned” or “In Progress” columns? the ACID really is a big issue right now…


We’ve just had a meeting where the issue of Acid was the top topic (we focused on it for over half an hour).

In short, we do have some different solutions for the acid problem - most of which revolve around the removal of the dynamic difficulty and the change to Pandoran research. But, these won’t be in the next patch.

We’re currently looking at a few “quick fix” options for Acid, which should negate the problem until those above changes are implemented. These quick fixes could include reducing the damage values of acid and/or allowing the medkit to remove acid, along with a couple of other ideas.

We want to be able to deploy this fix in the next patch, which is due in approx 2 weeks - with that in mind, we have to decide carefully as there will be limited time for testing.


Don’t want to jump the gun here, UV, but quite simply the main fix most people want to the acid problem is for it not to do 250+ points of damage per turn to a Squaddie with no form of redress.

Imho, acid would work very well as a 1 turn armour-stripper which then oxidised and did nothing more. If you have no armour, you take the damage on your locations, but if you do have armour it removes it.

Until then, allowing the medkit to neutralise acid is at least a positive step forward.

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That’s an idea that’s already being discussed (in fact, it was I who suggested it in the meeting). Still, I’m not a game designer, so it’s left in their hands to decide the best direction to go. Whatever the change, it will take time to implement and test, hence why we’re looking at a temporary quick fix.


This was also my first thought, or an acid body suit (like the fire/poision suits you can get now). However, what about this? What is the maximum damage (excluding heavy cannons etc.) that can be done in one turn by a regular advisory (because everything seems to use acid now) and then divide that max damage by 3 (three turns) and then have that damage applied over 3 turns? BUT it can only be applied once you can’t have 5 hits of acid from different foes as this just defeats the purpose and we are back to were we started from. It needs to recognize that it has been hit by acid and then chose a different weapon type. The long range shooters of acid are the main offenders here and should be eliminated altogether or change their ammo. The way I now have to approach these missions is this, if I can’t complete the goal in 2 turns (after acid and before they die) I evacuate the effected members if possible, if not possible I have to restart or it assured destruction for those hit and that is just not fun, no tactics in that at all… And as we are all aware now the acid is just not behaving like acid anyway.

I almost forgot… This also has to apply to us! Because the acid we use seems to do very little damage at all, in fact it is almost useless, I don’t see any of their men dropping dead of acid in a few turns? Whatever is applied our men MUST also apply to the aliens… Because as it is now I never bother with the acid stuff as it does nothing much. Apart from the living weapons I like those, but they are still not real powerful and usually only good to use to save ammo!

UnstableVoltage: Another point I have not seen any info on is the major issue with lag on the Syedrion maps! I just played a very simple mission and it took over 1 HOUR to complete I could literally go away and make a cup of tea waiting for this to make a move, it was to the point you begin to think it has frozen, it was like watching a flip book in slow motion! This is the main reason I can not play anything above “rookie” because when I have to deal with the Syedrion maps it just trashes out when there is much going on… There needs to be away to switch off the glass or whatever it is doing in the preferences at present I have everything sent to minimum or off and it is still unplayable, it is just painful! I know you want it to look pretty but not everyone has a Quantum computer! I have 32 Gig of RAM and 4 GIG video with a quad core 3.5ghz i7 processor and it still is just unrealistic! So when can we see this issue being dealt with? Thanks…:slight_smile: PS: All the other maps function fine and at normal speed it is just this one and Anu is a little lagy but playable.

Great, for my Acid destroyed most my campaings :slight_smile: I got just in April. I wanted to wait for steam release, but this pandemic made me buy it now. I’m enjoying game lot, it is really great. There is so much potential, keep up great work. Can’t wait to try again after next patch :slight_smile:

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New patch it out. It’s currently installing on my machine as I type this.

One bit I hate in the new patch:

Changed the Lair missions’ layout and objective. Players now have to evacuate all of their units after destroying the Spawnery.

You maniacs. You blew it up. Gah.

You took what already took hours to complete, and made it harder.

Complaining before you’ve even tried it. How do you know it’s harder?

Of course. And then I’ll play it and see. Just saying my thoughts based on the changelog. The rest of it all sounded really good.

The new trading interface, projectile penetration, mind control only being able to be used once per turn, more recruitment info etc. All sound really good.

Lairs now have new maps, with better cover. The enemy reinforcement points have been moved, and the evac zone isn’t the same as the deployment zone, so you don’t have to fight back across the map.


I apologize if my post above sounded really negative. Was supposed to be sarcasm, which is tricky to get across in a post. Not for a moment trying to put down the good work done, as there was a heap of good stuff in the notes.

Just been considering starting from scratch on my play through, as I’m playing on veteran and just hit an absolute brick wall of difficulty and not able to get past a few missions. Very reluctant about doing that, as I put in a big amount of time. So close to the end but I can’t get past the Antartica mission, and the ODI changes made the game harder again, as increased ODI = higher enemy counts if I remember right.

We’ve got future changes coming to the ODI system, the enemy difficulty and Pandoran teach/evolution - though these are a little further out.

It’s all the question of whether to play or hold off with these patches. Many of them have big changes, and then there’s the big changes in the works. Makes it hard to decide. Not played a game that’s changed so much with patches before.

From my experience, you may be better off starting from scratch.

My first ‘full’ playthrough started on Dec 3rd and continued on through the Leviathan Patch (I play slow :face_with_raised_eyebrow:). So I never experienced the lessened DDA (though my play style also never triggered a difficulty spike). On the other hand, a whole bunch of other tweaks, like reduced ODI rewards from Lair & Citadel missions, did come into play.

Net result: when I did a 2 Lair + 1 Citadel cheeze-run at the end of the game to take the ODI down enough to buy time for my end-game Research to kick in - it netted a measly 0.5% reduction and lost me the game before I could trigger the final mission. Gutting.

So I quit and waited for the next Patch to come out. Now it’s here, I’ll start another playthrough, when I have time. But from my experience, if you simply keep going through the patches, they’ll hit you with a Crimson Bat that makes all of those hours you put in worthless.

And this is from someone who loves the game despite its faults.

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