About change to Acid

From the patch notes: “Acid damage application now works like poison (the acid damage is subtracted from the armor each turn and then the amount of damage is reduced by 10). This increases the potency of acid by a lot but is still not a one shot mechanic.”

Maybe I’m a bit dense today but does this mean acid now works more how I’d imagine acid would work? You get hit with 20 points of acid damage, the acid eats through 20 points of your armor, next turn if you don’t have any armor left it then eats 10 points out of you directly?


That’s my assumption.

Probably yes. But what if Acid had value of 40? It will eat through heaviest armor in a turn. Then 30 damage will be applied to any body part hit. I hope that damage to gerenal Hit Points from all body parts doesn’t sum up like it was previously. I’m not sure if I like this change. We will see how they balanced things.

Good question. How will the acid be applied, to a specific body, among the six doing 1/6 the total amount per turn to each, or among the six and doing the full amount per turn to each. My personal preference would be the first but the last kind of makes more sense regarding calculations and acid grenades.

Acid unlike poison is also a damage type that shouldn’t stack. There’s no difference between being covered in acid and double covered whereas a double dose of poison is more toxic than a single one.

There is a difference between being 10% covered in acid and 20% covered.
Having acid applied on a body part doesn’t mean it’s bathing in acid.

It’d be great id the damage modelling in the game was that detailed but it’s not. Either something has acid on it at full strength or it doesn’t. As such acid damage shouldn’t stack.

This acid issue has totally DESTROYED this game for me what I want to say about it I can’t repeat here!!! So until they sort it they know what they can do with this entire program! END OFF… Such potential wasted.

I suppose they will. Remember that they still experiment to balance things. Most often I don’t like these balance solutions, but overall I think it goes in right way (at least for most of the players of this game).

Implementing such change as bionics body parts and adjusting acid values to counter it probably had too much impact, but they should improve it.

Maybe a separate spendable item to “neutralize acid” would be beneficial to have… something that just neutralize it, but doesnt restore armor itself.

There could be armor attachment which would neutralize acid:

  • First turn acid works with full potential
  • Second turn with half potential
  • Third turn - neutralized.

No? :slight_smile:


but with current acid weapons, they tend to take out entire armor in single turn… so second turn, it would eat up HP…

i think having a “spray bottle” you need to actively use would be better than some passive item that would just make it unimportant…

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Is there any real world example of how acid of this strength can be countered?

I would have thought that if an acid is strong enough to eat through body armour, that you’d have a hard job neutralising it.

My suggestion, in the other acid thread, was that you should be able to take armour off before it’s fully burnt through.

This is not an option really because you are going to get hit with acid no matter what you do, they just pop up from behind a rock and hit you, so basically if you dropped your Armour you screwed next time you get shot (and you will) it is just a super bull shit over powered item that needs serious work. It should be a biological acid that dies when it comes into contact with air for more than a few seconds, so basically it is a ONE HIT, it does initial damage and then neutralizes itself, so it would work just like getting shot, bullets don’t keep penetrating your for 3 or 4 turns! It just needs to be kept simple…

Ah, but this acid is embedded in a gel. That’s what makes it cling.

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the gel will oxidize with the acid as it is thinned out after it splashes you, anyway it can all be oxidizing!