Acid is insane... why did you think this was a good idea?

Acid is so broken now. Making it act like poison, but having multiple soldiers take 200+ acid from a single shot… It eats through armor in one turn, and is guaranteed to kill in 2 turns max. And unlike poison, a health kit does nothing to stop it.

What? Why did you do this? Why did you think this made sense? The game is nearly unplayable now when acid launchers start to appear on arthrons! Why???


Because players asked to increase potential of damage over time weapons. Interesting that only Acid received boost (and quite insane to be true).


I have only now started another run with the new patches, and I have yet to run into an acid launching arthron.

how does it work at the moment for the pandorans? from what I read it seems like the acid functions like a souped up version of incendiary damage.
-are the base damage numbers for pandorans reasonable, the players acid grenade where nerfed according to the patch notes to offset how they function now. wouldn’t make that much sense if the launched grenade from a pandoran hits for 50+ per limb, as this would simply insta-melt player armor.
-do they “stack” their damage from every limb? the 200+ acid damage numbers did show up pre-patch when an acid worm exploded in my face, as multiple limbs where hit by acid and it calculated the base (50)Xthe number of limbs affected. if they don’t use the incendiary system of “only highest damage dealt is substracted from HP” it will blast through HP totals insanely fast.

Let’s say you are silly or unfortunate enough to have 3 soldiers in a 3 square range, and get splashed by acid.

Your soldiers have 200 HP, and 30 armor each. You take 180 acid damage. On the end of the turn, your soldiers lose all 30 armor, and take 150 damage. So within one turn - the end of the turn that you just took, all three soldiers are down to 50 HP out of 200. You have all three heal for 120 HP. At the end of the next turn, taking no further damage at all, they lose 180 HP (and they are at 170 HP, given the math above).

Withing effectively 1 and a half turns, you have lost three soldiers. B.R.O.K.E.N.


Assault soldiers have their heads partly uncovered by helmet, so IMO they should instantly die in contact with acid. It is the only logical thing to expect. :rofl:

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I don’t think y’all get how acid works.

If I have 200 acid applied to me, and I have 30 armor and 200 hp. the amount of damage I take on the first tick is…30. On the next turn, sure I’ll take 190 or 180 or whatever the acid has decayed to.

Acid must completely wipe out armor BEFORE it gets to flesh and cannot damage both simultaneously. Source: play this patch.

I don’t think y’all get how acid works.

And this makes it better… how? One extra turn? That solves the problem - sure.

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Don’t get snarky with me, I wasn’t trying to make it any better just trying to describe the facts so you all can form valid opinions.

That is a non-proportional response. Relax. Not every disagreement is personal or needs to be taken like it is.

Haven’t had insane issues with acid yet, since it gets spread across the entire body (so a 180 point acid splash gets divided into 30 acid per location and degrades by 10 points per turn).

I would like to have a way to clear the condition since it can put a serious hurt on a soldier at full health with no counter. Even if using a medkit were to just dilute the remaining stack (-10 per location?).

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I had a nest location where it was impossible not to take a lot of acid damage. All six of my soldiers were hit for 200-220 acid before I could even start shooting the arthrons that, interestingly, all spawned right near my spawn.

Three of my soldiers died at the end of that turn. The other three died at the end of the next. Had two level 7’s, one level 6, and three level 5 soldiers. Eeek. That was unbelievable. Blew my mind. Such a high value that the armor was irrelevant, and it was like poison, but over 2x as much as the most poison that gets applied by a single attack.


That reminds me of my last nest attack. The game kept throwing enemies (in some cases, literally, the acid worms) at the squad but I couldn’t kill any of them, due to being mind controlled and only having the vehicle that can stun things left. In the end, I had to retreat with that, though it got severely damaged due to trying to wait out the mind control and possible salvage a soldier or two. When mind control did wear off, boom, 200 acid damage before I could do anything. This game is crazy and I seriously think that anyone who claims its balanced is themselves unbalanced!


At least, there should be an item like a medkit that is some sort of “Chemical Shower” that is a base that counteracts the acid… or just change acid mechanics. Make acid do major armor damage, but no HP damage, and it merely makes you more vulnerable to attacks while still affected by acid. Where attacks do more damage to you, and you are more vulnerable to crippling. But having it do so much HP damage directly is crazy.

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First of all

Man and Arthron / Triton

  • 1 turn 90% armor / 10% HP (hit on exposed parts of the body and joints)
  • 2 turn 60% armor / 40% HP (50% / 50% acid on the armor and body)
  • 3 turns 10% armor / 90% HP (acid works 3-4 turns )

mini Bosses and Bosses

  • Siren - 2x max. acid damage (separate body and tail)
  • Chiron - 2x max. damage by acid (front legs / torso / head and mortar / hind legs)
  • Scylla - 4x max. acid damage (right 3 legs, left 3 legs, Front and Back: 4 different parts for applying acid)

All max acid damage with a stack limit.

That’s one hell of a medkit when it can restore dissolved flesh.

It will probably be implemented in next paid DLC.

You should be able to take your armour off before it burns through.


Would that mean that armor is destroyed after that?

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thank you for trying to explain it, but as it wasn’t all that clear to me, I searched a lets play on youtube where a player got blabbed by an acid attack.

lets player gets hit by an post patch acid attack

he gets hit at approx 23-24 minutes into the video by a unspotted acid chiron.

now his sniper gets hit for 100 points of acid and as he checks the armor of 5 bodyparts are gone and the acid has been reduced to 10 on these bodyparts. none of the bodyparts had exactly 20 armor on them and the first tick did no HP damage atoll. this indicates that acid can only damage HP or armor, but not both.

as the battle progresses on the start of the next turn the assault (that got hit for a total of 80 on 4 bodyparts) takes a total of 40 HP damage, this means the acid damage stacks as it deals 10 damage per limb it was still on

And the stacking is probably the main reason peoples troops get instantly deleted once hit by multiple acid blobs at once (20 on 4 is survivable…but when you get hit for 40 or more on 4+ limbs HP melts at an insane speed), it should not stack per limb…but deal damage to the HP pool equal to the largest amount of damage dealt to any limb…like burn damage does.

I think the way acid damage stacks is unintentional, so I really hope they fix this quickly.


I’m amused that people think they test anything before they implement it, i think they have shown repeatedly that does not happen.


An arthrons machine gun can Kill you in one turn, why should acid weapons be less deadly? Two or three Hits by a granade Launcher will also Kill you, why should acid be less deadly?

Before the patch acid weapons where useless. Now they are deadly like other many others weapons and that is also wrong???

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