When can we expect an update?

There seems to be a bug (yea surprising I know) that causes the game to hang when enemies start panicking on their turn … So if “things are going good” perhaps that leads to more panic and therefore more hangs on average …

Are you saying the first DLC is due out in January? I sure hope not. They need to focus on fixing the base game.

DLC so quick after release, isn’t it like only 2 months old now?

anyhow this game needs a serious balance pass and bugfix…it is an awesome game in its core but in my book content can wait until the base game has received a bit more polish.

edit: with 2 months old now I meant by the time the DLC would hit at the end of january.

Yeah Blood and Titanium is supposed to drop end of January and Festering Skies, the third, dlc is listed as a July release. I want to say March for the second one. If I can find the source for that I’ll post it here.

Guys don’t forget that they have worked over this content for some time. They didn’t start working on DLC after full release. :slight_smile: And I doubt that the game will get proper balance until DLC release. Let just hope that with the DLC they will fix most troublesome bugs.

Exactly. I got the sense the first three dlc at least were things they just weren’t able to finish in time for release. Festering Skies adds airborne Pandorans for example giving a reason why aircraft have HP and repair bays.

The only people really working on the DLC right now are the art teams and some of the designers (they don’t really have a lot to do with the base game at the moment). The core development team, including all of the programmers are working on balance changes and bug fixes.

The first DLC is not due in January.


Disappointing but good to know.

Must’ve been some outdated info left in the Season pass install screens.

Just a delay. Too much trouble with the base game right now to add more bugs with DLC. :slight_smile:


I am not paying for bug fixes. If they don’t fix the base game to a point that I personally am comfortable with, I won’t buy the DLCs.

Glad to hear the team is hard at work finishing the base game.

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There seems to be a bug (yea surprising I know) that causes the game to hang when enemies start panicking on their turn.

Dang their panic is real! It affecting our machine to be panic too :scream:.

Anyways glad to know the team still working hard to fix the base game. Go gooo goo team! EplPhUM (raising morale banner ).

That’s good to hear. I was hoping that the next patch would be balance and bug fixing. I was a little worried that they might try to add more content along with more bugs.
I can wait for as long as it takes for DLC. I’m only interested in being able to play the base game, and the difficulty spike and freeze on enemy turn is stopping that atm.

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Good. I’m still waiting to even start the game for the first time until a comprehensive balance and bugfix patch has been released. Based on so much feedback that I read. And I don’t even mean the players who just hated on the game, I gave much more weight to those who enjoyed it but still uniformly said that it’s unfinished and needs polish, which was basically everyone. As far as I’m concerned, the game has not been properly released yet xD

I hope everyone on the team had a chance to recharge during the holiday season, and you guys will be able to deliver a clean and balanced game in the next weeks or months.

Polish is something you do when a game is finished. We’re not even to the polishing stage.

Same here. Unless the base game is playable, i’ll not buy a DLC. And if they say the bug fixes are in the DLC i bet we could send some agency in they’re directions. There are some laws out there…

Anyway, just in here chatting. My game got stuck for the 20th time today. When i’m winning, the aliens simply never end they’re turn. Nice move on they’re part… The team must have known about this pre launch. But they also know that this is a niche game, and we will put up with it all. When the game runs i LOVE it, but for god sake! Started doing saves during combat, and when it freezes and i try to load back? Guess what happens: The load bugs out. Some stupid error message… If i had a billion bucks, i’d be up in they’re shit! Talking about it on my own news channel. 24/7. :wink:

And I’ve got myself a season pass 3 days after the game was released.
You see, the games of my favourite genre don’t get released too often. And developers need resources to continue work on their project. They have a small team with small funding but lots of cool ideas. I would like to help them as much as I can.

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Can’t wait. I’m going to start a new game. Before bugs appear the game is super addictive.

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Maybe it is me but it seems a patch (a small one) has dropped. If you look at the lower right corner, it now reads %^&&^$748. I thought over the holiday break, it was ()**&(&745.

Also, the lair missions seem much easier. I am able to run a couple of guys through the board and just shotgun the nest bug. It is food for thought.

No real need with that for Phoenix Point, Snapshot were pretty clear when the EPIC deal was announced that the sheer amount of money EPIC gave them meant they could refund all backers who had supported the game and still not have any cash issues.

If memory serves it was after the EPIC deal was announced that Snapshot stated they’d now be making all the additional DLC for things they had previously wanted to do with the game but didn’t meet the backer milestones for.

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Cool! Perhaps we are going to see underwater missions after all))