Is there DLC release update?

Any updates on next DLC (release window etc)? Searched forums as well as reddit, game sites, and nothing comes up.

I think you will find the focus right now is on getting the original game balanced first!

My assumptions, DLC2 in mid-late May.
What difficulty are you playing, and is your balance comfortable?

I believe it’s been stated before that DLCs team, and core game team are seperate entities. The DLCs team includes all the folks that can’t fix the base game, like arts etc. + small design team.

Snapshot any clarity you can give us? Thanks!

We don’t have anything to announce for the next DLC at this stage - but it is being worked on alongside bug fixes, balance changes and gameplay adjustments for the core game.


Thanks Voltage.

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I really want a better base game before a new DLC.
So take the time to improve the game.