When an Hoplite is killed sleeping all the others should be alerted!

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That is another game break, with a sniper/infiltrator kill the Hoplites meanwhile they sleeping and turning Ancient missions very easy.

If one is killed when inactive, all the others should awake and become alert… that would difficult the mission and slow down lame tactics like killing them all sleeping.


I think they do wake up if their friend is wounded.
However why should they wake up if he is killed? I think it works as designed.

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If you think a single soldier can kill all the Hoplites in map without them to react is work as designed, so all the mission is a waiste of time and is better to give to the player the resources imediatly instead do a boring mission.

Better, when we start a campaign, we should win it imediatly without play… that way we no lose time in our lives killing all enemies without fight. -_-


Lorifel, do you think this vídeo @etermes posted has some merit? That this is work as designed? The devs objective was to player have lame strategys and kill every enemies in map without fight or this is a fault they did not preview when made the game?

I think Infiltrator/Sniper is specific build that works very well in Ancient site missions, only it is boring as hell to play like that. I don’t do it.

I play with a team which is a mix of different class combos and only 1 or 2 soldiers there being Infiltrator/Sniper. Yes, I could win the mission like that, but my other soldiers would have to stand by and do nothing, and the mission would drag on for many turn resulting in a huge stamina loss for my squad (and be veeeery boring). Oh, and they won’t earn XP, because the lvl 7 Infiltrator would get all the kills.

I think silent kill on a “sleeping” enemy is a silent kill. That’s what infiltrators should do and it fits the lore.

It would be okay if you can silently kill small bugs, but not what is really possible …

It’s like standing in front of an empty goal in soccer and then thinking: Nah, I’d rather shoot the ball out of bounds, so the game remains “artificial” more exciting.

This missions are late game, so it is usual all soldiers have lvl 7 so all win the same amount of skill points. Anyway, no point in arguing with you, it is clear that you like fantasy games and are happy to be a super hero crab terminator with zero fight. We search different kind of games, and for your luck, PP is now very good for players like you.

If you want to know I’ve played all 3 original Microprose X-Com titles, all 3 UFO games from ALTAR Interactive and all Firaxis XCOM games. Oh, and Jagged Alliance 2. And a little bit of Laser Squad Nemesis.
I think I always try to enjoy the games for what they are and for what developers wanted to create. I hope you will get what you want from Phoenix Point, be it by mods or by second wave options. I like that you are so interested in that game and want to improve it.
Peace! :relieved: :handshake:


You are right Lorifel, i was incorrect with you. Sorry for that and thanks for your answer.

I guess we all want the same… a better Phoenix Point game that feel our expectations.
From all that games you refered, Jagged Alliance 2 Wildfire was the best challenge imo… and you miss Silent Storm that was a great TB game also.


Hm… maybe I should play Jagged Alliance 2 Wildfire. I’ve heard it is kind of a mod, and I usually don’t use mods, but maybe it is a really good one =)
As for Silent Storm I am ashamed to admit that I’ve never played it (though it was developed in my country).

I played both, Jagged Alliance 2, and JA2 Wildfire. Is not a mod, but an improvement of original game by the developers. Like XCOM Enemy Unknown and XCOM Enemy Within.
Silent Storm, at the time, was a great game also… and we miss Xenonauts that is very good also in the game depth… and Xenonauts 2 is finally almost out, graphicly is overpassed but in game details and difficulty should be very good as Xenonauts 1 was.

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Xenonauts had 4 or 5 tiers of weapons/armour to research, but unfortunately they were all the same except for higher numbers. Well, high tier armours did change tactics a bit with the ability to fly and power armour + machine gun combos, but that’s all. And the aliens were nearly all the same. I like pandorans variety much more.
However Xenonauts was a great tactics game where nearly every weapon had its use in a squad. Pistols and shotguns had reflex bonuses for close quarter combat. Sniper rifles and machine guns were very good at long distance. Hand-shields and grenades were almost a must have for storming UFO command rooms. Oh, and there was air combat minigame which was not bad IMHO!
So I really hope the developers will make Xenonauts 2 an even better game than Xenonauts 1 was.


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