100% Stealth is completely broken

So, the stealth mechanic in this game is a really cool concept, but when you pump it to 100% you basically have an unkillable monster that can solo nearly any map. He isn’t the best for defending objectives, but if you can win the mission by killing everything slowly, then it is a guaranteed free mission.

I kinda stopped paying attention to the rest of my crew and just let my infiltrator fly around in his stolen Helios and do everything. Great concept, kinda flawed execution. I loved having 100% stealth for the first mission or two until I realized that it was completely game breaking.

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To be honest i have no clue how you can achieve 100% stealth xD but that sound broken yes.

The more i can achieve is ~70 percent, mixing the stealth random perk from soldiers, some armor parts and mutations x)

Any chance you give me a little spoil of the used gear please? :stuck_out_tongue: just, ya know “for science”

I am playing on Hero difficulty (I don’t know if that matters), and I have an Infiltrator. Infiltrator gets a base 25% and he has the Thief perk for another 25%. So that is 50%. And then the Styx armor, helmet, and legs give 50%, so that is 100%. I can just stand next to someone and shoot them to death and never become revealed.

I haven’t really tested it enough, but what I’ve been doing is standing behind enemies when they are alone, and then I shoot them down in a single round. That might be why I don’t get revealed, or the ability might not be working as intended. Either way, he can just solo everything.

I had fun doing “Thief” missions where I would go into enemy bases and steal research without being detected, but then i realized that I can’t be detected at all. 100% Stealth. Ha!

It is working as intended. Enemy can spot your soldier just by standing next to him. It is just like with chameleon Tritons. But remember that when you shoot you lower your stealth value so it was probably luck that you could kill all enemies without being spotted. And yes, Infiltrator is great for steal missions. That is why he is an Infiltrator.

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@Yokes: Yeah, but they don’t reveal me when they step adjacent to me, nor when I step adjacent to them. It is nuts. I love the class and concept, but something is way overtuned when you hit 100%.

Thanks for info, haven’t unlocked infiltrators yet as one of the faction doesn’t hum… help me much x)

In BB5 they could reveal you by touching you. You’re telling me they can’t do that anymore? 100% is actually completely unrevealable? Well, yeah, that does sound actually broken. I can’t imagine why they’d change that, if it was intentional.

I dont know, I meet a C-Triton in Symens journal mission. He run in on the bottom floor, my soldiers had overwatch so at second hit he turn Turn his stealth on. I could see where he walked. took 5 men in to the spot, no Triton, so I must missed a square. I put all on overwatch He walk past all except my wounded one, and got seen. So I could take him out next round. They are totally invisible.

This is amasing… On my next playthrough I think im going to have to try this.

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