What will happen to Havens/Bases destroyed by aliens?

Question, and possible discussion, for this mechanic in the upcoming full release of the game.

If the Pandora Virus destroys a Haven, does it turn that Haven into a Nest? Or a Lair, if the population count happened to be high enough (or the aliens still had enough forces left over to do that), and so on? I imagine if this did happen, there’d then be an alien nest out in the open air, and it might be a bit stronger, but it’d also be wide open to aerial attack & bombardment you could use.

And would a similar thing happen for bases? If so, would we then see different nest & lair missions where we go attack on “corrupted base template” missions, where the aliens have put spawners in our old base rooms and we gotta go in and clean them out?


I would say that aliens don’t need human settlements to grow. :wink: They would also in such case informed you - we won here, HEY we have base here! :wink: And from what I understand they prefer to remain hidden.

Interessting idea, but I don’t think something like that will be in the game at the moment. I think at best we could see some impact on the diplomatics and maybe a kind of stronger aliens (mutation).

As of BB4, destroyed havens are nothing more than nodes you can use to travel around. Would be fun if they impacted gameplay in someway after being destroyed though, IMO.

Maybe the aliens make a nest there as you suggested and you can destroy it.
If the aliens just destroy it and move on, maybe another organization seizes the opportunity to claim it for themselves and that would raise tensions with the former owner faction. Who knows?

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That was announced in some article or inteview that factions can settle down in other factions havens. But I’m not sure if anyone would want to come to place where pandoravirus was having a party and could leave any spores.

Disciples of Anu might not mind.

Or even New Jericho, after the place was thoroughly “cleaned” by flamethrowers.

Or Synedrion, after they get mist repellent gens in place to hedge out the worst of the virus.

Don’t you think it would require too many resources to retrieve such place? I would use it to better prepare existing havens for inevitable. I don’t see reason for purification and settling in ruined haven, unless their current havens are overpopulated… well maybe one more reason. If they want to spread to increase survivability just by avoiding annihilation of bigger settlements.

Or that ruined place (nearby) has some resource rare enough to make it worth.

Or the place is symbolically important enough for morale. A big statement can be made faction-wide by restoring a base/haven to its former glory, you know.

Well, maybe you are right. I probably imagine incorrectly end of civilisation. :wink:

So I’ve been looking at old PP content and the first demo took place in a destroyed haven. I doubt that the aliens will set up bases there, but I think we’ll get the chance to fight in destroyed or abandoned bases. So even if aliens don’t have a base there we may go on missions for different factions or ourselves.

Would be cool to clean out old bases;)

I think a neat idea for destroyed havens would be if they become there own special scavenging site mission. Would make for some interesting strategic decision making… like for example if a haven owned by New Jericho came under attack… you could either save it for the reward or let it be destroyed and pick up the scraps. Maybe there could be chances of picking up some tech that way or weapons/armor that weren’t destroyed.

On top of this, it could add another layer to diplomacy, if New Jericho realizes that you had the opportunity to save the haven i.e. a dropship in range with a squad it may rub them wrong a little for allowing the haven’s destruction. Or if you weren’t in range or they didn’t realize your positioning… you could go in clean house, pick up tech, armors and weapons and then have the option to return some/all of it for a reward and improve relations.

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These are all some very interesting ideas that could add good depth, beyond just “haven destroyed, empty site, nothing else happens.”

Interesting ideas, but still I assume that for normal people places affected by Pandoravirus are out of reach, and only Phoenix Project and maybe Disciples are so audacious to lurk in such places to treat them as possible place of interest. I would assume that NJ and Synedrion would only go there to collect some most important leftovers. But who knows. Maybe I’m wrong, but for me PV is complete and finite enemy who leave nothing behind.

That’s another thing. We already know that the PV uses human weapons, like machine guns. Maybe rockets later, too. Point is, I think we’ve already seen some basic concept art for “crates” on alien base template maps, which can contain items. I wonder if, should this become a thing, this would explain their presence; these items are either taken there from human bases, or were simply found, encased in chitinous “crates” and left there until they could make something capable of using said weapon(s).

It’s true that the PV creatures use humanities weapons against us. And I wouldn’t think there would be a whole lot to find but scraps… but it’s certainly possible that the PV could miss something among the rubble. Even if you could find like broken suites of armor/weapons and possibly repair them for a cost or you could scrap it to get a few materials/tech. Find ammo, or anything valuable.

I imagined that these scavenging missions would be unique, such that the objective isn’t to clear the area and auto collect the loot. But rather you manually collect things yourself and the longer you stay the more you risk getting overehlemed by a surge of reinforcments… possibly even the queen/boss not liking you treading on conquered ground.

I’m probably thinking too much into this atm though… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

“Sorry NJ dudes, that was all we could find” tosses them one ammo clip
“That heaven had 10,000 people in it and half of them were soldiers and you couldonly find a single ammo clip. Really?”
Meanwhile the manticore is having trouble getting off the ground as it is overburdened with stolen gear. :stuck_out_tongue:

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btw. Just checked main page of the game. And there are mission types:

Quite interesting array of objectives. Maybe those “haven takeovers” will also include going for abandoned haven? But then I suppose that faction that would want to have such abandoned haven woudn’t need help of Phoenix Project.