Suggestion: POI reactivation & Resettlement

There comes a point in the game where all POIs have been exhausted and you basically sit ships in various locations waiting for something to do. It seems to me that the POIs could periodically be refreshed and potentially offer something different on a second pass.

Effectively this could be a chance for the base scanning to find something new and revert it to a question mark, and maybe that only happens once you get the Satellite Uplink tech. Maybe it could come from allowing aircraft to return to a POI and re-scan it. Maybe this becomes part of the Advanced Tiamat upgrade so that the Tiamat has some real utility (Extra Range isn’t all that useful, but speed or the ability to reactivate POIs might be).

For destroyed havens it would be interesting if they could be re-colonized if you have a mist repeller covering it and a nearby faction haven that has some level of growth or population that would support it. Right now humanity simply dwindles away over time, and all you’re really doing is trying to stem the loss. It would be cool to have opportunities for the havens to be recovered as well.


Nice ideas at all :+1:

One point:

I think they will not go this way. It seems to me that it is somewhat intended by design that you have to fight against a permanently decreasing population and there is no way to increase it.
But, I would also like it if there would be the possibility to play almost endless or at least to slow the losses in population down to a minimum. Could be interesting, I think.

I think it would provide a “Long War” kind of feel, where the ebb and flow of control and the Meta behaviors of the Factions create the feeling of a world that is living and evolving with or without you.

I did actually see a NJ strike team take out a Lair once, which does give some of that feel, but I don’t feel enough. I’d also like to see things like Faction force strength tied to the number of havens they control, and for faction assaults on havens to result in their conversion as opposed to obliteration.

That also brings up the concept of Haven Strength. I know it’s there as it appears when you go to defend them, but it would be interesting to see the activities vary more based on their size and strength.


Wow, didn’t know this was a possibility.

About the topic in general, I’m all in for the ideas. There are other good ideas about these topics on canny (and I’ve some myself too) but I’ve not seen much indication of a redesign in these areas, unfortunately. I suggest you post these on canny (try to separate your major suggestions in different topics) to get more visibility and also to let other people indicate their support. Devs sometimes post there too and we can then get some insight if this is on their radar or not.

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This is an Outstanding suggestion! :fist_right:t4: :clap: :+1: :fist_left:

Yup, same here. As well as each Faction actually beating back attacks on their bases, without my intervention. :open_mouth: