Alien base destruction vs haven defence mission

I have noticed that, when I destroy alien base while it is attacking some haven at the same moment, I can’t do haven defence mission. I go to that haven, click ‘deploy’ and nothing happens. Except mission disappear. There is no reward or any diplomacy boost for that haven mission.

Even if this is reasonable consequence of our action - we destroy crabmen spawner, so maybe (MAYBE) aliens loose control of local crabmen population (should they?) - then haven defence mission should also disappear at the moment when we destroyed alien base. But it is still on the map and there is still conflict going on (attacker vs defender strength is changing). So I suppose that local population still can be eradicated even if there is no enemy for us.

I would assume that crabmen are still attacking that haven even if their local ‘cave’ was destroyed. But if current solution will stay in the way it is, then we have to choice to make.

  • Do we want to deal fast with alien problem and go directly to alien base or
  • do we first go to defend haven to earn resources and attitude and then go to alien base.

Second option requires more fight but has additional prize for your effort.