What weapon for the Assault in midgame and endgame?

What is the best use of the assault in midgame and lategame?

My Assault Rifles seem to have no real effect anymore then?
And shotguns need my troops to get near melee range.

Arthrons keep killing my people because of the reaction fire.

multiclass them into snipers and use sniper rifles…

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I still run Piranhas and Iconoclasts. I’ve yet to have the Anu shotgun fail to one shot an Arthron. I one shot Chirons with it.

Any Arthron with a machine gun arm should be disarmed by a sniper before you engage with another soldier if possible but it’s hardly necessary.

Best use for Assaults late game, I would say support roles. If you want to mainly keep them assaults you can cross class into infiltrator and use the decoy to great effect.

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If they have Resourceful skill multiclass them with heavy so they can carry heavy weapon + grenade launcher.
If they don’t multiclass them to sniper and use AR as secondary weapon.
When armor is removed AR makes more damage then SR if you can hit 5/6 .

EDIT: If they don’t multiclass them to sniper or infiltrator. Forgot to mention.

I mostly multiclass them into Berserkers for better survivability and Panic/Control resistance and crazy damage with Iconoclast and (potentially) Blood Lust. I usually don’t try to rush with them and keep in reserve. In the first turns they use ARs from medium distance. It is when enemy comes up close when they take out their shotguns and start to shine))

I do the opposite. Buy bersekers because they are cheap and multiclass them with assault or heavy (if resourceful).

My Assaults are mostly cross-classed with Heavy for the Rage Burst and Inspire abilities. In my game at the moment they all have Pirahna assault rifles and Iconoclast shotguns and between them they get about half the kills in each mission. Most of that is one-shotting things with the Iconoclast at point-blank range. Assault rifles are mainly for overwatch and the odd rage-burst long-range kill, or those times when you just need to damage a Pandoran from a distance.

You can’t normally one-shot Arthrons unless someone else softens them up first from a distance.

Dash is your friend when trying to get near enough for a shotgun kill. I use Rapid Clearance a lot - either to kill another Arthron, or to get back into cover after a kill.

The best way to avoid Arthron return fire is to kill them in one shot; the second-best way is to shoot them from far enough away. Return Fire only works within half perception range and Arthrons don’t usually have great perception. I almost never get hit by it these days, except when I forget or decide to take a risky kill-shot.

How do you manage to one-shot Chirons with the shotgun??

Stick it right in their face. Though come to think of it those may be my Assault/Infiltrators with the double damage.

Weapons and second class tend be lead by personal skills, for exampla:

  • Assault/Strongman : Assault/Berzerk AR/Shotgun/Machine Gun
  • Assault/Self Defense Specialist: Assault/Berzerk Shotgun/PDW
  • Assault/Trooper/Reckless: Assault/Infiltrator Shotgun/AR/Spiders or Poison Crossbow.
  • Assault/Resourceful : Assault/Heavy Shotgun/Cannon/GL
  • Assault/Sniperist/Healer/Farsighted : Assault/Sniper AR/SR.
  • Assault/Farsighted : Assault/Sniper AR/SR/Shotgun.
  • Assault/Healer/Farsighted: Assault/Priest AR/Shotgun
  • Assault/Cautious/Reckless: Assault/Sniper AR/SR/Shotgun.
  • Assault/Thief: Assault/Infiltrator 3 of Shotgun/AR/Spiders/Poison Crossbow.

For their role, it clearly depends of second class:

  • Scout, first front, heavier armor: most of them.
  • Sneaky scout and higher mobility: with Infiltrator.
  • Half tank scout: with Heavy.
  • Sniper and higher aiming: with Sniper AR/SR.
  • Second line and focused on overwatch opportunities: with Sniper AR/SR/Shotgun.
  • Second line and Heavy: with Heavy.
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in first parts it should work point blank and aiming a low armor part.

Then it stop works even with armor part with 10. At this point it could work with Stealth but not without risk, or it will require use vanish but then it limits use cases, or perhaps you use stealth 100% which is clearly a total OP hole.

I think that even with Armor Break it’s not working at some point of the campaign.

More powerful is Machine Gun with Strongman it’s a lot more damages but with less mobility. With a high will Assault/Berzerk, the option of Adrenalin Rush with the Machine gun is quite interesting. But there isn’t may use case if you don’t have very high will.