What is the endgame weapon for Assault Class?

I have not finished the game but sure am enjoying shotguns so much so, my assault are equipped with shotgun.

What is the endgame weapon for assault anyways: Assault Rifle or Shotgun?

Assuming within 5 square range shoot out.
Beyond 10 squares, I duke it with snipers and heavy bombers.

In my end game my assaults used the Piranha piercing assault rifle from New Jericho tech and Anu shotguns (ideally the harrower so they can work together with others ripping the armor off of big game).

Shotguns… however my assaults are often multiclassed into heavies or snipers so i often give them bigger toys

multiclass him into heavy and give them a cannon and an assault rifle. cannon one-shots stuff and/or does devastating dmg even to the strongest enemies.