Weapon with max damage PER AP with piercing

Huge Pandorans are thick-skinned, and shotguns are almost useless. ‘Hel’ is good but not for assault-sniper. And what would you use to kill 5-6 Chirons on the first turn?

First of all I would write to Snapshot that this is insane. :wink:

Then I would disable such heroic feats. It shouldn’t be possible.

Hide under the roof and snipe them in abdomen.
Soften them with Mjolnir, Ragnarok, Wrath, Shredder, Deceptor or turret and kill with assault rifles.
alternatively to armor shredding use acid - Synod Grenade, Jormung…, Devourer and then also assault rifles. :slight_smile:

Hehehe. 5 Chirons, 6 Sirens, and others. I should say thnx to Snapshot that it is possible, because it’s the safest way to continue the game without freezes.

Why it is like that? :slight_smile:

Even Chirons tend to have a weakspot. Usually their face. Your Assault/Sniper godking should still be able to do the job with their Mercy if they get close.

You don’t necessarily even need to, though. You can disable them by making them panic, right? Kill enough Tritons or Arthrons and they’ll panic just the same.

Because most frequent freezes I got are when aliens turn goes. So I’m extremely interested in reducing their turns to a minimum. Actually, I prefer don’t press the turn button at all :blush:
I mean, abusing is the way to keep playing, so… Well, basic shotgun is my savior for now)